Citizen Laments 3

We recently received this letter from Trevor, from the AFL stronghold in Horsham, Victoria. Trevor has nobly purchased 20 badges and is spreading the good word throughout the Wimmera.

What a wonderful refreshing feeling it was when I heard that the AFL was returning. I now feel that I am not alone in this world and that there is now something to live for.

I have never understood football followers – let me be clear that I do understand the game somewhat, but certainly not the followers or the players.

I am not anti games or anti sport.

I was always of the understanding that a game is something one is involved in for the enjoyment of same. If so, why do people take it so seriously that they feel the need to assault each other, verbally abuse each other – both on and off the ground? Why are some people incapable of maintaining an intelligent conversation on any subject but football?

If football is supposedly so good for our youth, then why is football synonymous with excessive drinking, foul language, abuse, violence and anti social behaviour in general?

Why is assault a criminal act everywhere but on a football ground?

It’s one thing to watch a game, but then to feel the need to discuss, dissect, replay and re-live the game for every waking moment (and I suspect many non-waking moments) until the next game, is beyond my comprehension.

Why do television producers automatically assume that everyone is interested in football?

The endless, tiresome array of football related programs is simply mind-numbing, rivalled only by that other program called Big Brother and, for those of us old enough to remember, the test pattern.

Whenever I hear or read the term “football fan”, the words “no brains at all” come to mind. (sorry Keith!)

Could I ask when we will be taking legal action against the Australian Football League for stealing our name? The AFL was in use long before the VFL went national.

On a more serious note, Villa Maria could not be a better choice for AFL support, especially Gildas House, a service so lacking in Australia today.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you Trevor, and yes, we are deeply perturbed by the former VFL stealing our name. Look out for High Court action in the near future…

Collingwood Merchandise

Apparently, there’s a a team in the national football competition called the Collingwood Magpies. We wouldn’t know, here at AFL headquarters, we’re too busy doing other things.
We have been forwarded this photo however, taken of a Mildura storefront display.

Seen in a shop window in Mildura....

The juxtaposition of the Playboy bunny with an inflatable merchandise item is certainly suggestive. Maybe Collingwood’s recent ban on allowing players to attend strip clubs is a lot of huff and puff. Or, perhaps their marketing department has yet to get the message.