2008 Wilkie Nominations

The 2008 Wilkie was won by Michael Leunig, cartoonist, concientious objector, and ‘Australian Living Treasure‘. His nomination came is his ability to keep football off the back page of the Melbourne Age newspaper.

Other Nominations were:

  • Tony Martin
  • Brendan Fevola
  • Tim Jacobs, Chief Executive of the Victorian Arts Centre.
  • Jeffrey Browne, GTV9 Producer who took Sam Newman (briefly) off the air.

14 thoughts on “2008 Wilkie Nominations

  1. Radio announcer Tony Martin deserves the Wilkie Medal more than any other person I know.

    His last major project was “Get This” a radio show on the Triple M network. His ratings share were double anything else on Triple M at the time even though he famously avoided discussing football – long considered the sacred subject of the average Triple M listener. What did Triple M do? They sacked him at the end of last year!

    Even in his home of Melbourne, Martin was clever to point out that more Australian watch a film than attend a sporting event. For daring to suggest that Australians are not as simple as our media makes us out to be – Martin would be a worthy winner of the Wilkie Medal.

  2. Tony Martin would be a thoroughly deserving winner of this award. He is a man who likes and promotes indoor pursuits and has next to no knowledge of football or sports of any other kind.

  3. Tony would indeed be a deserving winner – many was the time on Get This where he’d reveal a complete lack of understanding about even the most basic facts about football. Not to mention that he went to the movies every year during the Grand Final so he could have the cinema to himself. Very refreshing to hear on Melbourne radio.

  4. Let’s just give Tony Martin an award. He’s lovely and I want to see him back in the public eye again.

  5. I agree, Tony is a real man, one who doesn’t care about competitive sports of any kind!

  6. Tim Jacobs, Chief Executive of the Victorian Arts Centre. Tim is widely acknowledged for being the diode of AFL, givin’ nothin and takin’ everythin’.

  7. How about Jeffrey Browne? He must deserve at least a mention for taking Sam Newman off the air.

  8. Bob Brown. Unlike his counter parts in the other parties he doesn’t have to “pretend” to barrack for a football team to show how much he relates to the “common man”. Footy in this country is like religion in the USA, with most prominent public figures pretending that they’re into it even when they’re clearly not. So kudos to people like Bob Brown for not being full of BS.

  9. I’d like to nominate actor, Stephen Hall. Not only did he say during a footy themed ‘Einstein Factor’ screened last night (21/9) that he would rarher read a book than watch football but while playing his fantastcially understated character, Warren, on the ‘The Hollowmen’ he hatched a plan that instead of building another Prime Ministerial Arts edifice in Canberra they could instead use the money to bring the arts to all Australians.

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