2012 Anti-Football Day

Fellow sufferers

Our annual protest lunch is on as usual for 2012 at the North Fitzroy Star Hotel on Saturday the 29th of September. See Google Map. The event starts around 12:30pm and finishes around 4pm when some of us are forced to leave to beat the post-game crush on public transport.

As you know, there are no TVs in the hotel so we can enjoy our lunch, drinks and conversation in blissful ignorance of the circus taking place in nearby Jolimont.

The other AFL’s annual report shows a $382,175,000 profit in 2011 and I reckon that’s after a fair bit of it is pumped into advertising. The real AFL only made about $30 profit last year and Veronica gave it to a charity. Our only source of income is people using the F(ooty)-word and putting coins in the penalty jar as punishment. We therefore rely on you for advertising our lunch and spreading the word to all sympathetic souls you know. Perhaps some of you young switched-on people can use that internet thingy to help us “go viral”.