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65 thoughts on “Guestbook 2010

  1. Well folks its that time of year again.

    That is 7 months of Misery till it ends again

    The pre-season rubbish has started in the media….. with the team vets checking on their prize animals … making sure they can run and jump and do other pointless things.

    Then of coarse we now will have to listen to the endless re hashing of the blood sport antics the so called players.

    So this year… how about we make AFL a lot more prominant in the media to show our total distain for the groups morons running at each other and chasing a poor little peice of leather.

  2. Jesus H Christ, I’m glad my life isn’t so boring and meaningless that I feel compelled to watch football (or any other sport for that matter)and engage in the bleatings of the sports moron; let alone the uber-bleatings that escape their quivering lips as their favored-ones prevail.

    Its this hyper-excited bleating that really really makes me laugh, particularly that which emanates from the throats of olympic swimming journos – what a joke.

    Sporty-types truly are dick-heads and should try reading a book.

  3. This is my annual day of mourning for the people of Australia.

    It is the day when I wonder:

    1) How many football players will expose their penis in public this year.

    2) How often Sam Newman the high priest of immaturity will utter another bigoted self-obsessed piece of pseudo-religious football dogma

    3) How much illegal drugs will be consumed in football clubhouses

    4) How many girls will be sexually assaulted by football players

    5) How many people will be injured by pissed football players

    6) How many children will be influenced by beer advertisements

    7) How many people will realise how stupid it is to worship 19-year old clowns

  4. As we endure the 2010 season, I have to admit being torn between the extent to which I couldn’t care less about some Melbourne Thugby team… and the sense of vindication regarding the incompetence of the organisation that let it happen.

  5. No doubt, they won’t actually read any of these comments before posting their own, but it’s highly hypocritical for the pro-footy types to come to THIS site and shout at US not to shove OUR point of view down THEIR throats. Really, who is actually coming to you and abusing you for enjoying football? I believe that the point of this organisation isn’t to bring down footy (despite a few of the comments here), but just to let people that they’re not alone in not wanting to eat, breathe and sleep footy.

    To jojo: What people in the northern states often don’t realise is that we anti-AFL types care just as little for professional rugby or soccer as we do for AFL.

  6. I love the fact that all you people wish for footbal supporters to get a life and believe you all have so much more to do wish your time….clearly. You are all pathetic. To keep your brains ticking, how about we get a discussion going on the following:
    “Once the white line is crossed, your opposition becomes nothing more than your biggest enemy and should be treated with disdain”

  7. I’m a footy fan but I do like that this group exsists. But I find some of the comments immature. I read books. Have a forfilling life and I’m a.footy club member. It’s good you don’t like footy. If evryone liked the same thing the world would be boring. but bagging out footy fans because they like something you don’t is childish.

  8. Sorry Angus – you’re assuming that any discussion re some football-related white line is worth having in the first place.

  9. The Anti-Football League, granted i’ve heard about 15 minutes ago but i soak information like a sponge. You guys are very much a laugh i certainly do sympathize with you and your disdain for the obsessive culture of AFL and i guess sport in general in this country. Your all entitled to have your opinions and place where you all can go and have a collective chuckle at how silly it is for people to be so consumed by guys in shorts kicking a leather ball through two posts. However, i’ll decline becoming a member of the AFL because i prefer to not be pro or anti footy but be free to keep my options open. Remember the AFL was founded not to vigorously dislike but have a disinterest in the code. So if people comment on how terrible or pathetic footy is you run the risk as being as bad as the people your criticizing.

  10. Ahhh the bleetings of ‘sports commentators.’ I feel like bashing my head against a wall. I cannot wait until this season is over. Someone help me.

  11. After years of thinking the frenzy around football too closely resembles the place of gladiators of Roman times, I am really pleased to find the AFL actually a happening thing. I just thought I was away the day they handed out oval ball appreciation. Just googled anti football and here you are … πŸ™‚

  12. Now the Socceroos have mercifully yet entirely predictably crashed and burned, my only regret is that it won’t stop the *other* ongoing media football beat up (this one with the round ball) that has to be endured for another 16 days.

    Even losing has been in vain….

  13. Glad to see that I am normal after all. I was beginning to think that because I’m over seeing the papers covered with footy comments the TV full of footy realted shows from February till September not being able to stand listening to the boring voice of football commentators that maybe I was meant to be in a mental hospital thank you all there is someone else out there like me!!

  14. I read with interest this week that sleeping tablets are a required thing for the oaf ball players to relax after the game.

    Weird, I thought after running after the piece of air filled leather, belting your fellow teams mates and jumping aimlessly into the air they would be tired and actually welcome a quiet place to sleep.

    Perhaps the team vets shoudl stop over stimulating the small brains of the players.

    Keep it simple… one word thoughts…. ball , run , hit , kick.

    only a few more games to go till it ends… thank goodness

  15. Something worth pondering – why do some professional footballers get paid huge sums of money to play the dreaded game.
    To pay an employee huge sums of money for their services, is usually indicative of a greater financial gain further along the line.
    To pay a player/players vast amounts of remuneration is to me, indicative of just what a business this whole football thing is, and of the true motives behind the promotion hype (the sell), which starts at ground level with the poor ignorant football fanatic.
    Could this be genuine manipulation of the masses, to trick them into purchasing a product that they are not aware of purchasing – looks like great marketing to me?

  16. I dont object in any way to people being passionate about their particular sport: whatever floats your boat and keeps you entertained is fine by me. BUT the media is the problem here. They assume that everyone is fixated with AFL and needs updates every few minutes. The radio is even worse for this than TV. I now change stations and switch channels as a matter of policy as I just cant bear to listen to the way it is presented with such importance and with the subliminal assumption that every listener HAS to be interested in listening to every word of nauseating critique on what is after all just a game.
    Each to his or her own but are the media really behaving likewise with their blanket coverage: I think not.

  17. I have been “lobbying” at RRR to curb the disturbing incursion of football into what once was one of the few oases of escape from the “total coverage” all other print, televisual and radio media have succumbed. So if you are a RRR subscriber, call or email the station and tell them you agree: RRR must be preserved as a football-free zone and the one on-air asylum from the ubiquitous football madness gripping our fair land.

  18. Oh joy oh happiness to discover a little beacon of sanity in this mad mad world. To think that “The (Herald) Sun” once employed a person of Kieth Dunstan’s calibre, whereas now it’s solid fools cover to cover. And what’s to blame for this decline? Footie, footie, and more footy. More of my waxing can be found at
    Thank you Anti-Football League. We are not alone.

  19. I can’t resist noting the irony that in joining the anti-football league you actually have to THINK about NOT thinking about football. I just don’t think about it.

  20. Would all AFL members join forces for me, my whole family are Collingwood supporters, my life is over no matter which way it goes! Non stop talk of “f” ball for weeks.

  21. I think that “Cager” 5 June should be congratulated on their “good foody bwain’ to go with their forfillilng? life. BTW “The Footy Record” isn’t really a book.

  22. Ditch the grand final for a dancing cabaret/comedy/burlesque/hiphop show!!!!! 7pm-7.45pm at 241 smith st Fitzroy. Sat 25th sept: 2 for the price of 1 ($18), that’s only $9 each!!!!!

    Part of Melbourne Fringe Festival “Elle Danse”.

  23. It’s all about balance, peeps. Football is just one form of entertainment no better or worse than TV, cinema or the internet. I’m a Collingwood supporter but I’m also an active union member and I volunteered for the Greens during this year’s federal election campaign. But I can understand your frustration with sports bores and I also think the alcohol, junk food and gambling influence on the spectator culture of the AFL is very unhealthy and I’ve spoken out against it on talk back radio on a couple of occasions. However, not everyone in football is a Sam Newman; Michael Long, Jim Stynes, Brett Kirk and Paul Roos are all very decent guys just to name a few. I also think the AFL has played a leading role in reconciliation with Indigenous Australians.

  24. Hello again.
    I’m sure I have posted this before but I believe that the true-no-followers will benefit from the repetition.

    For me this time of year brings what can only be termed “the true game”. This is the game of avoidance and it requires strength of character, self honesty and firm principles.

    This game can only be played once a year (and repeating because I know how hard this is) it requries that the players have a high degree of self-honesty.

    In a nutshell; “try to remain in ignorance of the outcome of the end of year final for as many hours as possible”. It is up to the player to count the number of hours that can be achieved and to do so with honesty and integrity.

    It is not an easy game! The knife-sharp disappointment that the moment of discovery brings often leads me to wish away the moment and deny its happening but honesty must prevail.

    The papers, idiots with coloured scarves hanging out of car windows (the only time I wish I were a traffic policeman), commentary on radio, newspapers, people in the street – all conspire to ruin this noble game for me.

    To date my record has be 30 hours. My worst has been only minutes.

    One rule is that participants must reside in Victoria and not camping or in a coma etc.

    In closing, those of you with a keen sense for the irony will note my use of the term “end of year final” for that is what it is. Calling such an event a “grand final” raises in me false hopes that inevitably lead all to soon to despair.

    Kind regards – Richard

  25. I’m only attending our church’s GF breakfast as it’s a fund raiser but I’ll proudly wear my Anti-Football League windcheater and badge. I take every opportunity to try to convert those poor misguided fools who think the fake AFL (we’re the original) is not only a sport but that it’s interesting!!! I’m proud that my workmates make comments like, “Only you could be so ignorant about football to make a comment like that!” It also annoys me that I actually have to check who’s playing if I need to go near the city after nearly being late for a cousin’s wedding when I got stuck in the football traffic.

  26. My healthy contempt for team sports started when I was a six year old. As team sports were compulsory at school and it was obvious I was not exactly the most rugg’ed of boys- it was decided (for me) that I would make a better soccer “goalie” than anything else.
    It was a beautiful sunny day and as the teams chased the ball around the other end of the paddock and I waited under the goalposts at the other end, I decided to make a daisy chain while waiting fot them to come my way. Unfortunately they did so much sooner than I expected, and the ball shot over my head and into the net just as I was threading another daisy.

    My own team was furious- in a kinda Hannibal Lechter kind of way- and the teachers had to arrange “senior protection” for me for a week until the anger subsided. I’ve hated team sports ever since- and I never did finish that daisy chain πŸ™‚

  27. I have to partially agree with Peter Schofield in his comments. No real argument at all. Quite sensible in fact.
    I believe the true non-follower would never waste a moments thought on the buffoonery of the activity called football. Even cursing it brings it far too much attention and is counter productive.
    The problem is the media. In deed. It is all pervasive.
    We have swine flu. We had bird flu. We have variously named over-seas related flus. All contagious. All annoying and debilitating.
    Perhaps this time year we have “buffoon flu” – a cerebral condition that causes otherwise seemingly normal people to fixate on buffoon activity. Strangely similar in being highly contagious and unavoidable. Buffoon flu also dulls the senses of many and causes strange behaviour.
    I really could not read todays newspaper it was so dominated by the impending end of year final and their teams and old players I just gave up. I became resigned to finding some new and painfully pointless mention with each page I turned. Even the radio offers no solace with snippets of some game being replayed.
    I swear. If there is any justice and on my day of judgement should St Peter ask me the winner of an end of year final I will truly answer “I don’t know and I don’t care” to which he will say “enter friend”.
    Patience all. Not long now.
    Kind regards – Richard

  28. I moved to Ballarat 10 months ago & like the AFL… I find the footy boring. I am not anti sport. I watch the rugby league ‘big’ games,the GP bikes’,surfing etc,but Vic footy… I just dont get it. I have tried to watch it to see what all the fuss is about but cannot get into it.. plus all the before & after talk on radio & tv!! I heard about AFL on 3rrr ( I am now a subscriber )& wish I could go to the Star gig but I am working. All the best. Mark

  29. What really annoys me is that every year they have a grand FINAL. Good, you think, thats got rid of that. Then the the following year they start playing the stupid game again. It’s just not fair!!
    Maybe one could get a court ruling on the meaning of the word FINAL.

  30. Only by chance did I remember that is was grand finale day and that maybe Spotswood is playing Willy?? But what an auspicious day to call on Google to find the almost forgotten, unworthily forgotten I might add, AFL website.
    Love it.

  31. What a joke,

    The oaf ball people could not even organise a result….. What a waste of another week…

    More AFL drivel and stupidity…

    Another week till it ends…


  32. Oh No the Grand Final Is a bloody draw. Here we go again for another week. Hope the North Fiitzroy Star Hotel is available again. Another week of sooking by Collingwood and Saints fans aboutr how they missed free kick or bad umpiring.

  33. Did anyone catch the news ,, did we feature ??
    The ‘event’ seems to have been rather colourless, surely our wit and conviviality would have been more interesting.

  34. The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving.

  35. Bloody hell we have to go through all the same rubbish again. The Australian Football league has received manna from heaven. They know it and are hastily attempting to give the windfall to charity. How generous of them, or have they realised the taxation implications of a second grand final.

  36. The media are still talking up this darn GF-2.

    As other have mentioned… I wonder if those in charge of the AFL actually know the meaning of the word final.

    I also wonder if the team vets have checked their prize animals this week to see if they can run and jump and belt each other in a frenzy of stupidity chasing the brown leather thing ?

    Ah well only a few days to go then the wonderful silence that is the off season .

  37. Two Grand Finals?! Surely this is the pinnacle of the football hype? The time has come for further action to be taken against this unhealthy obsession with a red ball. My team caculates that the chances of a draw were over 1000000 to 1! This was without the factor of a rigged result, ill let you decide if the Australian people are being lead along.

  38. Thanks for the site. No AFL here in Canberra but loads of community sports! Keep up the work.

  39. The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving.

  40. And so we come to the end of another season of the media beating-up the utterly inconsequential… even if it took the numb-nuts two goes to get there.

    All that’s left for genuine AFL afficianados now, is to endure the interminable post-mortems on today’s event (whatever it was)… followed by the blow-by-blow on coach sackings, player transfers, some moron’s groin / hamstring / cruciate / other injury from the season just gone, the hometown articles on new morons… and not to mention various court cases.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the money on which all this crap is based.

    All dribbling to an end just in time for the commencement of the next pre-season beat up.

    It’s inescapable even after the bloody season has finished.

    Thank God for this little oasis from all the above.

  41. Its over…. It’s over… Thank god ..

    No silliness with the ball for a while.

    No media talking it up..

    Just peace and quiet …

  42. And in todays news…

    Some moron with a ball problem has done the wrong thing again.

    How many poor women must be raped by these poorly educated animals.

    Perhaps the team vets could give them something to control their urges… It works for race horse.

  43. Was there a footy match on?

    There seems to be a lot of kerfuffle, even in here, about something that ought be properly ignored.

    Make it so.

  44. We head north to Port Douglas every winter for 2 months, not only to avoid the shitty Melbourne winter but also the worst of the “fuddie” brain washing. We returned last Tuesday to guess what, yep a bloody grand final.
    Print media, T.V. Radio. These journos are too lazy to get off their fat arses and hunt out news ‘cos the AFL hands it to them on a platter.

  45. The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving. right?

  46. So another season of Oafball is over. No more television airtime or significant news coverage dedicated to these jumping cave creatures in garish vests and their handlers, *sorry*, coaches.

    That is…until February, when the whole bloody thing starts up again and the animalistic hordes hoot, holler and bark their way though a large section of the year, at their television sets and at the damned game itself.

  47. Great, just when you think it it safe to switch on your telly, the bloody AFL Draft is being televised! Won’t these clowns EVER give up?!

  48. OMG footy is awesome can’t wait till it starts up again local preseason starts this wednesday πŸ™‚

  49. The 1972 photo you have on your front page of Keith Dunstan with the burning football features also the Secretary of the Melbourne Cricket Club (and former Australian Test cricket captain) Ian Johnson. Johnson encouraged Dunstan in his antics and was himself no fan of football as each year saw greater demands made by the Melbourne Football club and league authorities on a ground that was originally set aside for cricket. Johnson should be acknowedged in your credit line to the photo and should be given an honourable mention in the anti-football hall of fame.

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