Done up’ MCG is football’s undoing

AFL members will be no doubt blissfully ignorant to the recent developments at the MCG over Melbourne’s colder months. However, whilst attending a non-match at midnight, on Tuesday, we noticed a wonderful artwork adorning the newly refurbished Olympic Stand. Entitled ‘Kicking the Leather’, the sculpture incorporates the use of footballs, old and new, to create a collage that meanders up one of the structural supports.

Artist Penelope Lee has taken a leaf out of the Anti-Football League’s book and deflated, unstitched, and shredded several hundred footballs to create her masterpiece. Over the years, during Wilkie Award presentations, we too have put the pigskin through similar ordeals, but never have we created something as elaborate as this.

Here at the AFL we suspect the commission of ‘Kicking the Leather’ is part of a desperate push to breathe some life into the MCG stadium during its unfortunate winter periods. And so, football non-enthusiasts are encouraged to look out for this piece and marvel at this salute to our cause, next time they’re attending a non-match at the ‘G’.

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