Has the Soccer World Cup been good for the AFL?

Fellow anti-footballers,

In recent weeks we have been subjected to a different type of Football hubbabaloo. The soccer World Cup has been and gone and thankfully there will be no more talk of it for another four years. But has it been good for the Anti-Football cause? We can only conclude that it has a few more merits than the normal pigskin calisthenics we, the downtrodden and overburdened, are usually subject to.

Still, as ever, we have been required in our workplaces and public spaces to lend a polite ear to the tired remarks: ‘Did you catch the game? Geez, I tell ya, we was robbed’.
But as an upside, the soccer games have been played at a more civilised times of day –three in the morning, for example. If only the Aussie rules crowd would take a page out of the World Cup book, and play all their games in the dead of night. Just think, no more congested train carriages at Richmond station by gambrinous hordes. No more Punt road deadlock on Saturday afternoons and the television coverage would have the post-mortem-game-wrap-up all over by breakfast time. An ideal situation, you would have to agree.

But as members of the Anti-Football League, we should ask whether we should celebrate this recent distraction, or condemn the soccer World Cup completely? If they insist on calling the ball played with the round ball ‘football’ and not ‘soccer’ then should we consider fighting on another front? Presently, we are undecided.

Members, as ever, are invited to continue the debate by leaving a comment below.

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