Earbashed Citizen Laments

We received this heartfelt cry in the wind from a gentleman who goes by the strange moniker of mocrawf.

As a completely disinterested Victorian anti-football gentleman, I am angry at how the Media seem to think that we are all interested in hearing about this boring sport. It has been recently proved that it is just a safe haven for drug addicts, common thugs and the brain dead.

With so called celebrities such as Billy Brainless and the ever dumb and dumber Sam (Old Man) Newman, who recently on the TV show “Temptation” proved he is completely moronic by failing to answer one (kindergarten style) question correctly, what a waste of a private school education.

Both of these celeb’s are proof that too much alcohol consumption eats away your brain. Obviously they are perfect roll models for the thugs and druggies who play and worship AFL. I can’t wait to see the end of another boring football year in September.

We agree wholeheartedly and completely, mocrawf.

3 thoughts on “Earbashed Citizen Laments

  1. I vigorously reject the assertion from “Earbashed” that alcohol has caused the sad decline in Sam and Billy’ s (pre-supposed) intellect. People with alcohol induced brain damage are usually much more fun! I postulate that the aformentioned afflication has been caused by sucking too many Sherrins.

  2. I have always felt the old VFL and now the newer AFL have been much over rated. When it was the VFL it was to some degree more enjoyable as it did get families together on that saterday arvo or the sunday round ups and made some great weekends. But saddly money got in the way and now drugs now make it as shiny as a lump of coal. To play for the money not the gurnsy is now the norm and now it plays to that of life with money, drugs and no respite from a daily grind.
    Enough is enough, time to get back to the older way to inspire youth.

  3. I am forever surprised that seemingly logical people make the mistake of thinking that brutish men who can kick a football should have some social or ethical or moral skills or values.
    It has been proven time and again that sporting prowess is not guaranteed to bring any kind of other qualities that we would like to think these people have.
    It would be more interesting to hear news of a footballer who was able to answer some kind of quizz show questions other than about sport. Or a footballer who despite the obvious temptations, behaved well in public and resisted the temptations. News indeed.

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