Parental Control

We received this disturbing letter from Grant, a concerned parent.

Do you have any information or know of websites where I can find out about parents who do not want their children involved in competitive sports? I have heard there are parents out there who try their best to keep their children away from sport. They see some of the on and off field bad behaviour of a very small number of athletes and see competitive sport as a bad influence. They also have in mind that in this day and age a minor permanent injury can ruin young person’s employment prospects. Any information would be useful, thanks.

Dear Grant, we can only suggest that you withdraw your children from school and move to a community where competitive sport is shunned. I understand the Inuits are very welcoming people and are blessed with never having heard of Aussie rules. We, at AFL headquarters have been investigating real estate in Siberia. Maybe you should too.

Regarding your concern for the effect of permanent injuries on employment prospects, I wouldn’t worry. Most of Australia’s working public have a fanatical obsession with some type of leather kicking activity, which can only been seen as a type of self-harm, and therefore injurious to the soul. Any unfortunate ailment that is result of the social pressure to play football, will not be noticed in the workplace.

We sincerely hope this advice proves to be some help.

2 thoughts on “Parental Control

  1. what a wonderful organisation, i remember when it first started. my husband and i felt like insant members.T.V.shows about footy are boring.Conversation about footy is boring.Who wants to know about the aches and pains of the players, and why should they make front page news? who cares?. Could you also consider another anti group which could take off just as fast. P.A.B.B.A. That is people against big brother association. Keep up the good work. Dot. Sinclair

  2. Dear Parental Control, have you considered the Scouting Movement? There is participation in physical activity not connected to sport. There is outdoor activity. Children, youths, all are welcome. There are also skills taught other than handling a leather ball.

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