To members old and new, welcome!

    It has been a busy few weeks for the Anti-Football League, with orders for our lapel badges almost exhausting our current supply. Thank you to all who have purchased one, or ten (thanks Trevor!). You have all helped re-launch the AFL in its 40th year since conception.

    The press has certainly pushed things along, with a full page article by Damian Barratt in the Herald-Sun (12/05/07). Despite being a football writer, Mr Barratt gave us sympathetic coverage, which resulted in radio interviews and media discussion throughout the week. His article can be read online at –,21985,21714629-2862,00.html

    It is unknown if Mr Barratt has been excommunicated by his journalistic peers.

    Our website,, has been inundated with activity. Dozens of comments have been posted, most of them positive. A small amount of negative comment has also been received, which is only to be expected from those unfortunate souls yet to be ‘saved’.

    Just to let you know who is behind the current reincarnation of the AFL, it is wholly a family affair. Responsibilities have been divided between David Dunstan, and myself, Jack Dunstan, son and grandson of Keith Dunstan respectively. The founder Keith, remains chief patron, and provides moral support and wise counsel to ensure the AFL stays on course.

    This year, we will be awarding the Douglas Wilkie Award (our answer to the Brownlow medal) to the person who has done the least for football throughout the year. We encourage all members to nominate anyone who they feel is suitably deserving of this coveted accolade. The ceremony will take place on Anti-Football Day, which falls on the 22nd of September, just before another ‘day in September’ that need not be mentioned.

    On a serious note, many of you have handed monies to the AFL in purchasing a badge, and are probably keen to know where such funds are going. Our nominated charity is Villa Maria, a provider of aged and disability services based here in Melbourne. Villa Maria is currently undertaking the construction of a new residential care facility in Alphington, Victoria. This will house ten young people who require complex and high levels of care. Currently, many young people who have high care needs are forced to live in nursing homes, which are unable to provide adequate or appropriate care for their rehabilitation and/or lifestyles. Regrettably, over 6,500 young people in Australia currently in this position.

    Villa Maria’s new project is one of the first facilities of its type in this sector of health care. The success of this initiative will hopefully encourage other care providers to follow suit in this under-funded and under-represented area of health care delivery.

    Villa Maria’s press release regarding this issue can be read here.

    That’s enough for the moment. Be sure to forward this email on to any prospective Anti-Footballers. If you have bought badges for others, do ask them to send their email address onto us, and we’ll keep them posted also.

    Yours in sincere footballing dis-interest,

Jack Dunstan,
AFL Secretary.

2 thoughts on “To members old and new, welcome!

  1. How dare you insult Australian Rules Football? Don’t you know that the Australian National Team has never been defeated in the World Championships? We have beaten every other country we have ever played. Our undefeated record in international competition is unsurpassed in ANY sporting code. (Note I’m NOT including the Ireland Australia “International Rules” fiascoes, which are nothing more than a parody of the Real Game with absolutely no heritage or legitimacy. Round balls are only kicked by male impersonators)

  2. I seem to recall the Irish players complaining about the rough play experienced when playing Gaelic football against the Australian team.
    I suspect that after combing the world for another country to introduce to the dreaded game, that the dreaded game officials settled on Ireland to try and debunk the reality that this is a game which is only played here, and unique in its stupidity and violence.

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