2008 Football-free lunch

Following last years success, we’ve decided to do it again!

To celebrate the end of the football season and the return to more civilised pursuits, we’ve booked the sumptuous dining room at the North Fitzroy Star Hotel, on September 27th 2008.

We are inviting Anti-Football League members, sympathisers, and Melbourne football club supporters to join us for lunch at 1pm.

No mention of football will take place during the afternoon, a rule that will be enforced by eviction and two complimentary tickets to a Collingwood game.

Details –

When: Saturday September 27th 2008 from 1pm

Where: North Fitzroy Star Hotel, 28 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy (Map)

Cost: $55 – bookings are essential. $20 deposit, balance to be settled on the day.

Deposits: can be made through the Secure Paypal website (below) or by other arrangements (secretary@antifootballeague.org or 0424 045 800)

On Offer: A three course meal, includes tea and coffee.  A raffle will be held, all proceeds to Villa Maria. Anti-Footballing Ratbag Behaviour by AFL members may be witnessed.

Fine Print: Any dietary requirement should be directed to us here at AFL central, we’ll forward them on to the North Fitzroy Star. As we are organising the event, The star is not taking responsibility for bookings.

Reservations: Click the buy now link below –

2 thoughts on “2008 Football-free lunch

  1. Thank God for this group of dare I say intelligent humans who have to forge their way thru moronic football seasons every year. I am now weaning myself of my Valium in preparation for the Grand Final! Can’t wait for the luncheon….yay!!!!!!

  2. I love the two complimentary tickets to a CCollingwood game. What an excellent punishment. Please note that I am simply mentioning the tickets above and am not referring to the f-word. Please do not send me the tickets. Please!

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