Vale Lindsay Thompson

The Anti-Football League is sorry to see the passing of Lindsay Thompson, Former Victorian Premier and 1981 Douglas Wilkie Medal Winner. Despite being a proud Richmond Tigers fan – he was their number one ticket holder  – Mr. Thompson did contribute greatly to the Anti-Football cause.

Thompson put forward a move to have the dreaded game banned on Sundays,  through legislating it in Victorian Parliament. Alas, he was beaten on this one, and we can only hope what a wonderful place Australia would be if this utopia could have been reached.

His other efforts included paving the way for the export of the Victorian Football League to expand into other parts of the Australia. At the time, The Anti-Football League board thought this was a good thing. We had hoped Victoria would be liberated of football forever! Sadly, all this has meant is more games more often, in more places, and more talk about it.

Typically, we found it hard to find much about Mr Thompson’s anti-footballing exploits in the many glowing obituaries since his passing. We had to look further to find the facts. The UK’s Telegraph did mention Thompson’s AFL connections though, you can read about it here.

We will miss you Mr. Thompson. Thank you for you good work for the state  of Victoria and your sympathy for our cause.

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