2009 Wilkie Award

Nominations for the 2009 Douglas Wilkie Award are now open.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

13 thoughts on “2009 Wilkie Award

  1. Tony… who is Tony Martin, and it;s his year for what?

    It’s not that I’m interested or indeed particularly care, but I find it fascinating to think anyone thinks I should…

  2. Nancy… Who is Brett Debritz? Vote for what? And why bother? And why should anyone else give any sort of single, solitary, isolated continental?

  3. Think you confused Carey for Proud?

    Tend to concur with the sentiment overall, however don’t forget the girlfriend could have lost an eye, which is less funny.

    The $2000 fine for Carey’s police assault however… and his brother being busted for chemical importation – ha!

  4. All the winners of the Doug Wilkie have been men! Surely women do far less for football?!

    I nominate Poh, from Masterchef, for giving the nation a televisual obsession other than football.

  5. The badge would look very good on Bob Brown’s lapel. Bob is a politician who doesn’t need to align himself with any barbaric teams to apeal to the masses.

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