2010 Douglas Wilkie Award

The 2010 Douglas Wilkie Award was awarded to Ms Catherine Deveny for her tireless and insightful commentary on Channel Nine’s ‘The Footy Show’.

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  1. Even though I am a fan of football… Tony Martin should be the winner. Never have I heard someone proudly boast about their lack of sporting knowledge.

  2. Catherine Deveny. Her tireless work debasing Sam Newman and ‘The Footy Show’ boys deserves some recognition.

  3. I nominate Henry Lawson, who despite being dead is in fact still working against the stultifying effect of sport on the human brain. In the newspaper “The Worker” in 1893 he wrote “The average Australian boy is a cheeky brat with a leaning towards larrikinism, a craving for cigarettes, and no ambition beyond the cricket and football field … [He is] a weedy individual with a weak, dirty and contemptible vocabulary, and a cramped mind devoted to sport; his god is a two-legged brute with unnaturally developed muscles and no brains.” How little things have changed, and how sad that while the Government have recognized the cigarette problem, they are so far from recognizing the football problem that they are in fact inextricably involved in promoting this noisome menace to Australian potential. Lawson says:
    “It would be better if young fellows of this country didn’t think so much about racin’ and fightin'” in “Two Boys At Grinder Brothers” (from Over the Sliprails, 1892). Arvie Aspinall is an autobiographical mask for the young Lawson, as Lawson himself points out in his later autobiographical fragments – see e.g. Colin Roderick ed. Henry Lawson: Autobiographical
    and Other Writings 1887-1922 (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1972), pp. 20 & 204-5. Lawson has been horribly slandered of late by the ideologues of “The Australian” newspaper (Paul Kelly and Kieth Windshuttle) and has even been called a Nazi by these insidious writers. But Lawson was not a racist – in fact his basic attitude was stated unambiguously in print in the “Albany Observer” in 1890: “Class, creed, and nationality are words which should find no place in the vocabulary of Australians, because these words are synonymous with everything that is hostile to the peace and happiness of the world.” To class, creed and nationality as factors holding back Australian potential must also be added FOOTBALL. So how about a bit of respect for good old Henry Lawson, the number one candidate for Patron Saint of the Anti-Football League.

  4. I should like to nominate Jason AKermanis for the
    Wilkie Medal for services that continually bring the name of “Foopball” into continuous disrepute and shame. Not even drug use by younger players can
    deprive him of a well-deserved Wilkie.

  5. I should like to nominate myself for the Wilkie.

    I consider myself to be “no one of great importance outside my family” and typify and exemplify those who should receive such an award. To me it would be a prized possession.

    Those who know me have over the years been educated into the no-football-twaddle around Richard.

    Indeed my daughter aged 14 said to me in the car last week “dad if there is something really stupid going on at school then a footballer will be in there somewhere”. Who could argue?

    Indeed, whilst employed in the construction industry I was just once asked if I’d like to be in the “tipping pool” to which I answered “why in hell would I want to be tipped into a pool at this time of year” – and received stunned silent looks for years.

    Kind regards, in hope – Richard

  6. Without question a worthy recipient of the award is Red Symons. One realises that Symons is compelled by the ABC to have a sport and footy slot on his ABC 774 Melbourne breakfast radio show but the degree to which he has satirised and trivialised football *and* the (other) AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou, whilst feigning interest, is without comparison. (Just between you and me was he infiltrated into the ABC by (this) AFL?).

  7. When I recently overheard two sporty type persons talking in a pub I discovered something very sinister and potentially frightening. One said something to the other one about football and the other asked back “which code?”

    To think that they (sporting type persons) are no longer content with shoving their vile sporting fetishes down our throats quite openly, they are now using underground, secret tactics, such as “code” as well, can only serve as a warning to all people of intelligence that “something’s afoot”. Heaven knows what it is, but it’s over to us to heed the warning and be ever-vigilant.

    In recognition of this discovery, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone wants to nominate me for a huge prize or even THE Douglas Wilkie Award.

    Certainly, my services to non sporting activities with a particular contempt for football has earned me a lot of recognition among my friends over many years.

    Many of them have commented on my skills of changing channel on the TV from the News and onto the Anitique Show (at lightening speed) as soon as the main news stories have aired (before anything sporty and vile has come on).

    While it is impossible here, in one small column, to encapture a complete record of a life’s work, dedicated to the healthy contempt of team sports, particularly football, I can do no better than to nominate myself for this great award.

  8. I nominate my mother in law Christine Redman who has been visiting us from the UK for the last month and exclaims every single time she sees anything on the telly about AFL…”We call that rugby”.
    Bless her.

  9. I should like to nominate my partner, Tiffany Beaman. Both relatively new to Melbourne, we enjoy pub trivia and turned up at our local on a Tuesday night. The quizmaster asked the throng to name the last 4 Brownlow Medallists. Tiffany shot her hand up and asked “What’s a Brownlow Meddalist?”. The pub fell silent, a hundred glowering eyes cast upon us!

  10. I would like to nominate my wife. A few years back, my wife called me in a rather irate state; on account of having been caught in the worst Punt Road traffic she had ever experienced. “What on earth is going on?” she exclaimed. I informed her (and not reminded, for that would erroneously suggest she was previously aware) that it was AFL grand final day. Given her absolute lack of concern for this event, be it then or in the future; my wife demanded that in future years I warn her of this. A month ago, my wife was a contestant on ‘Millionaire Hotseat’; where she unabashedly retold this event to a uncomprehending Edward McGuire.

  11. I would like to nominate Miranda Kerr, yes her, why?

    When you spend 99.9% of your time overseas and dressed only in lingerie, looking amazing and sounding amazing what else may she possibly have left to do but find herself heavily pregnant to an Englishman and living in America.

    When asked in 2008 where she could see the future of the A-FL:

    “My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch”

    Let’s be honest, if Melbourne didn’t have a horse race she’d not ever turnup.

  12. I nominate Mark Webber, a proper sportsman who doesn’t seek press coverage at any cost by getting pissed, molesting young girls, and generally making an arse of himself

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