2011 Douglas Wilkie Award

Following the nominations listed below, The 2011 Wilkie was awarded to Mr Brian Troy. In all his 74 years he has never attended a Australian Rules Football game. For a Melburnian, this must be close to being a statistical impossibility.

6 thoughts on “2011 Douglas Wilkie Award

  1. Tony Martin? Sure this is his year, he’s never done anything for footy. His ability to ignore it during his many years at TripleM must be worth something!

  2. I am 74 years old, I have never been to a football match.
    I would find it difficult to recognise the name of more than 5 football players. And one year I managed to avoid football news so that on grand final day I did not know the names of the competing teams. I cannot imagine anyone who has done less for football than I have

  3. Mr Brian Troy’s claims are extraordinary.If true, he deserves the award in perpetuity or until his passing, whichever occurs first.
    Nothing less than a Royal Commission is called for.

  4. the Dalai Lama could be an honorary. I think he would have some good thoughts on it all. And Tibetans would have interesting uses for that sort of leather when the ball is deconstructed Maybe a hat of some sort. Or a cover for tips of yak horns,

  5. Although come to think of it surely Keith Dunstan himself. Who else has done more to help us in our months of need, who else has risked a bit, who else ahd the vision and persistence and – ok, I’ll say it – love for his fellow non-playing person, who else has given us hope more effectively and for longer through the years that it will soon all be over and there will be a tiny window of time before the cricket coverage starts.
    It can’t be against the rules to do this as, being the AFL, there are no rules (except no referring in any way to anything remotely to do with (any sort of) F*******.
    If not the Wilkie then some other lifetime, even eternal, recognition. Or a Jason Recliner made of stiched together reject Sherrin footballs.
    If that goes through, then maybe Carl Williams posthumously for the Wilkie. Seriously. I think of him I get no connection with football whatsoever. Baseball maybe

  6. Bah humbug! Just because Keith couldn’t get a game in the Upotipotpon Under 12s …..
    Get over it mate. Get a life. Go see the Grand final1

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