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As ever, a place to share your sentiments on why football is the cause of so many of life’s injustices.

Previous years’ pages should help get your blood up, if required…

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  1. I received my square football badge in the sixties. I acually don’t hate AFL I just hate the media hype that we can’t get away from. I hate that it turns reasonably sane people into morons who think of nothing else during the season and who can’t discuss football without getting into heated discussions. Sadly that time is almost on us again.

  2. God help us …

    It’s back…..

    It’s only been a few short months since it ended last year .

    Why do people need oaf ball at all let alone in cricket season. And I hate as well.


  3. Im an avid Transformers geekand my schoolmates make gay jokes about me because i watch/read about giant robots fighing even though they often sit down and watch grown men tackle (read: grope) each other.
    Disclaimer: I am in no way a homophobe I am mearly pointing out the hypocrisy of my peers

  4. I live in the us, i hate football with all my might,the thing i hate the most is the fact that every one expects you to like foot ball and frowns on upon the fact i hate it,I also hate how the players think they are better than you,i once saw a my schools football team and i can say i am more intelligent and in better shape than most of the team

  5. Sounds like this site was designed by a nerd that has no sporting ability. Just a whimp sitting behind a computer venting. Keep googling yourself nerd.

  6. I love my football!

    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!
    E S S E N D O N!

    Flag for 2012!

  7. Sorry Franco, they don’t have a chance!

    Everyone knows it will be the boys in blue this year!

    Who else do you think may be in the grand final?

  8. Sorry guys, I apologise for being a real dick on this website…. the real reason i have a thing against the footy is becaseu i find all the giuys running around in their little shorts so hot! i know i shouldn’t but i just can’t help it!

    My intelligence level is not very high and the extent of my ability is cutting and pasting articles off the net to justify my negative views, hoping that if one football does anything negative that should apply to the whole game? I mean thats logical isn’t it?

    Sorry everyone, i finally realise i am a douche. Pray for me!

  9. A sad consolation of AFL players idiocy: by 30 their joints are f’d. Thank the over-professionalisation of the game and its exploitation by the insidious AFL and Demetriou who are keen to make as much money from the boges as possible. The game is too fast now to enjoy, and seems to be a show of blocking and bashing. It’s also the only human endeavour where whacking one’s opponent is somehow seen as ‘cheeky’ or ‘brave’, but never what it actually is: state-sanctioned violence.

  10. Good news…

    It’s nearly over… No more aof ball . No more
    Under educated commentators dribbling on about
    How many tine some fool touched the ball thing,

    A few days to go .. Then peace and quiet.

  11. The first thing I was asked on my first day of work in Melb. in 1971 , was ” whats ya team ?” I cannot go to my grave with a lie on my lips . I said St KIlda , only because I’d had a teenage crush on a player (who’s name I have forgotten ).
    Until I retired in 1995 I have had to feign interest in this sport & even today I compose my features in a look of interest when anyone starts rabbiting on about the game.I wore my square football badge with pride until I was almost stabbed with it one day in the ’80ies . Long live the AFL

  12. Thank you Keith Dunstan for restarting the real AFL. I am still wearing my cap from the early 80s, yet I thought the organisation was now defunct. So happy it has been resurrected in the digital age. I am a regular visitor from Sydney to my old home town Melbourne as I love the food and culture, but the football fever I experienced there last weekend reminded me about importance of the ‘real’ AFL and, although none of my friends believed such an organisation existed, I am so pleased to be able to restart my membership.

  13. It ends today.

    I can’t wait

    No more having to hide at the office when some asks ” What team to you support” or makes comments about their team in the first person.

    Only a few more hours of misery to go

    Roll on the non football season

  14. HELP ME!!

    I just went to a trusted organisation’s facebook site and was inadvertently exposed to the text of an article by Chris Kenny (about how football can do everything but cure cancer) which was apparently in the Australian today

    I have never seen such nauseating hyperbole in my life! Please help me by suggesting a suitable antidote !

  15. Saw you on Sydney TV news last night. Thought I was the only person in Australia who disliked sport. Overwhelmed. I am not alone. Simply put, what do you give a footballer for Christmas? Answer: Elocution lessons.

  16. Well how about that?


    Footy stars are likely to have alcohol problems be more sexually promiscuous than criminals, can be verbally aggressive and anti-social
    RESEARCH shows footy stars are more likely to have alcohol problems, be more verbally aggressive and more sexually promiscuous than criminals.

    The study comes out as rugby league has been rocked by another scandal involving high-profile players caught out in group sex, The Courier-Mail reports.

    Channel 9 Footy Show star Matthew Johns has apologised on TV to his family after the re-emergence of claims he was involved in group sex with a 19-year-old woman in a Christchurch hotel in 2002.

    The study, published in the Australian Psychological Society’s journal InPsych, subjected nearly 50 AFL footballers to personality tests and compared the results to similar tests conducted on 940 convicted criminals.

    The study found footballers scored significantly higher than both the social average and the offenders in measures of alcohol problems, anxiety, verbal aggression, sexual promiscuity and anti-social behaviour.

    “The data suggested that AFL footballers were most likely to offend in the context of alcohol usage, through offences such as drunk and disorderly, drink driving, or violent or reckless behaviour,” the study authors reported.

    “The relatively high sexual promiscuity scores suggested AFL footballers may potentially place themselves at greater risk for sex-related offences and vulnerability to scandal.”

    Professor Bob Montgomery, president of the Australia Psychological Society, said the research was supported by the recent stories of high-profile footballers from various codes repeatedly getting caught out in scandals, including group sex.

    He said: “Very often to become a high profile person, you’re a risk taker.

    “You’re willing to take a chance that other people might turn their back on.”

    He said the group mentality of young men in football teams was also part of the problem.

    Professor Stephen Smallbone, of Griffith University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, said young men’s concept of right and wrong was heavily influenced by their peers and that was further skewed when they were part of a group.
    “It’s the one for all and all for one context,” he said.

  17. Interesting facts about Swans:
    Recently while fishing in the Swan River it became necessary for me to urinate from the jetty. Within seconds a flotilla of black swans (Cygnus atratus) had gathered to frolick under the golden stream gushing from my urethra. Some were eagerly drinking the steaming hot broth!

  18. Interesting facts about Eagles:
    The sound made by the wedge tailed eagle (Aquila audax) has been compared to the yelp of a small terrier being run over by a shopping trolley.

  19. Has anyone noticed that important issues are getting less news attention while the big business of AFL has now started working with the Rugby mob. This is to ensure the public’s attention is kept busy with continuous year around sports distractions. This had to be done since only a hand full of the public gave a hoot about tennis and cricket. I’m outraged every time I hear of government, tax payers money, being used to give the big business of sport, new sport venues. Cop this, Tasmania was going to give some Victorian football team a heap of public money if they had won the grand final. Are there not any more pressing issues in Tasmania in need of public funds? What an outrage! It is proven that sports quell the public over government outrages when it is used as a distraction however, only forty three percent of Australians take any interest in sport, that means the majority of us are being seriously manipulated by a special interest minority! It is very worrying that in this country there are so many that can’t tell the difference between sports grap and news, sport should not be taking up news time just because it is cheap copy… Sports should be televised in its own program separate from ‘the news’ programs, and no public money should be going to the big business of sports. I can’t help wonder if some politicians don’t some how benefit down the track with being appointed to sports boards when their political career is finished….jobs for the boys…scandalous use of public money! I guess time will tell. But hay they have not convicted John Howard for attacking another sovereign country on false claims of weapons of mass destruction… see how well sports can be used…..

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