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A new year means a new anti-season, and so a new Guestbook. 2007’s Guestbook logged 178 comments from people on both sides of the ‘members stand’. You can look back in history and read them all here

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130 thoughts on “Guestbook 2008

  1. What a wonderful summer its been away from the dreaded game, alas here it is back again.
    This time it’s being played overseas “pre season” (which is really the start of the season anyway) and will no doubt be televised. Makes sense – we cant have the fans sobering up and realizing that there is more to life than football.
    Besides that, just think how much money the AFL is missing out on over summer – it is after all a corporation, reliant on its fanatics to fill the coffers.

    Get sport OFF the ABC and let the boofs consume their entertainment on commercial media – at no cost to the taxpayer.

  3. I am a marriage celebrant & I just love it when I am asked to celebrate on grand final day. It makes what goes on at the MCG totally irrelevant.

  4. Football has it’s place, it draws the morons and scum of society into one place at one time. In doing so it increases the average IQ and reduces the crime rate of places not unfortunate enough to have a football ground in their locality.

  5. I never understood the Australian obsession with watching other people play sport, and there is probably nothing duller on this earth than people who’s *only* topic of social conversation is what’s happening at the “footy” or cricket. Glad to see there is an organisation around to poke some fun at the obsessive spectator crowd.

  6. bahahaha get a life
    you guys have nothing better to do than bag football?
    your a bunch of softcocks who probably suck at everything and wanted to play football but weren’t good enough
    so basically there is more to life than hating football perhaps you should go find out what it is?

  7. When asked if wanted to join the Footie Tipping at work, I said I would rather lose a leg. The asker just stared at me in puzzlement.

  8. Joy of joys to discover the existence of the Anti-Football League on the dreaded first day of the season – and all because I saw someone wearing a badge and asked what it meant. At last I feel I’m not alone!

  9. Thank goodness I googled you – I thought this AFL was defunct after the founder passed away…I think? Anyway, glad to see you are alive and well. I was a member back in the 70’s and still have my certificate and badge, which I will wear with pride again this season! I’ll be rejoining very soon.

    Phil, Keith is also alive and well and ensures the AFLs apathy stays on the straight and narrow. -the secretary.

  10. Keep up the good work.
    For those wanting solace in these ever decreasingly sensible times I commend them to “Desiderata” and to that old classic “Clancy Of the Overflow”.

  11. I cannot believe there is such a sensible website. I am totally sick of urinating football players. I hate football and cannot get any sense out of 774 or 3AW when it is on. There must be something more interesting in the winter than overpaid, over testosteroned idiots jumping about and then getting drunk. Please Australia find something else to do.

  12. Wonderful to hear that others are sick of the never ending rubbish of ‘aerial ping-pong’, the latest saga of ‘wizz’ kids’ urinations, Sam’s prostrate (prostate) activities and bladder, and Carey’s shenanigans.
    Yes, thank God there is a lot more to life than footy.

  13. You guys seem a bit sad, concentrating all this time on something so seemless. Why not just go enjoy those other things in life that are so much better than the real AFL?

  14. I seem to remember hearing about this AFL some years ago but have just rediscovered it. I wish it embraced a larger scope of indifference. Why stop at Aussie Rules? Why stop at football. I am fed up with the time wasted at my work with people discussing football of all codes. Why should anyone give a toss if so and so pulled this or strained that. I am repeatedly frustrared with the overwhelming coverage of sport in our media. Why should 2 of the 3 ABC radio stations I can receive broadcast football on a friday night. Why should hours of airtime be consumed by drongoes commentating on the cricket. I long each year for that short reprieve between the cricket and the football season!

  15. I’m so glad I have found this site. You’ll never believe what disgusting, unintelligent, loathsome, blasphemous practice is happening in my living room – both my parents are watching, shamelessly i must add, the detestible sport of football. My heart is too heavy to go on.

  16. Here we go again. More of this ridiculous nonsense for 2008. Despite people finding it hard to pay their mortgage they’ll always find money to go and watch football.

  17. If it bothers you so much how about you ignore it instead of wasting your time focusing on negatives.
    Don’t you think there are more pressing issues to devote your time and worry too.

  18. I can’t stand any of the rugby codes although I don’t mind soccer.
    It’s less aggressive and requires a reasonable level of intelligence to be played properly.
    What bugs me the most is the mindless dedication of the fans. they speak about “their” team as if they are family members.
    Most sports are really just a useful distraction for the masses. The elite of this planet are very thankful that the masses are more interested in “footy” (or some other silly little game) than the real issues that control our lives. If only these moronic fans could see that the intrigue and corruption surrounding world politics and other world issues is so much more fascinating and interesting than any silly old football game. Damned wally brains!!

  19. Mato! This is “our” site why don’t YOU go elsewhere if you don’t like the comment. There are plenty of “footy” forums where you and your fellow knuckle draggers can spend all the time you like massaging each others’ egos.

  20. It never fails to astound me as to why grown men commentating on the radio and TV about the dreaded game, yell and scream like demented fools?
    Is this a further attempt at making a boring game seen interesting? Perhaps it’s an attempt to whip the fanatics into an emotional frenzy in an effort to get more support out of the poor brainwashed fans. The Television sponsors pay the Australian Football League heaps of money to place advertisements in the middle of this madness, every supporter is a potential consumer.
    Come on football zombies, snap out of it, join the Anti Football League, get off the commercial treadmill and come back to life.

  21. over publisized over paid,
    they’re a bunch of ******.
    get a real job where u work 7 am till 6pm and get paid peanuts.

    great site its good to see more people that have the same views as we do

  22. I wish we had an organisation such as this in the UK for soccer It is so refreshing to find sensible people who are anti football in all its forms
    Down with football!

  23. Hi,I would like to join this anit-football league however I dare not because my husband and teenage son love AFL! My son would be devastated if I were to join and I suppose there are worse things than AFL that they could be fantatical about! So every now and then I’ll just ‘sneak a peak’ at this site! Sincerely, Carolyn

  24. What on earth is the State Government doing giving our taxes to the Geelong football club for use on the upgrading of their facilities. Schools, Hospitals, Aged care facilities; all of these are essential services crying out for funds. Has this dreaded disease spread through the corridors of power?
    Could this be vote gathering? Should football fanatics be allowed to vote?
    Perhaps the Anti Football League needs to gather some allies in high places?
    Maybe we need to look within the government for our Wilkie Medal Award nominee.

  25. I’m not anti-football, I am quite happy for people to play any sport they wish – buy I don’t want to subsidise it through taxes and my bills!

    Hey Mato, at least we play sport rather than watching other people.

  26. Football supporters inject so much energy into something that they have absolutely no control over. Face painting, buying overpriced merchandise, relentless water cooler conversations and giving up weekends to see “the game”… absolutely none of it influences the outcome of matches played!
    There are three types of Football supporter that particularly sadden me: The Hardcore Fanatic, the Spineless Sheep and the Brain Washed Youngster.

    The Hardcore Fanatics life will revolve around Football. We’ve all seen the obituaries in the paper: “Lifelong supporter of their beloved Xyz team”. Despite many years of loyal obedience and wasted money, would their Football team contribute financially to their supporters welfare if times were tough? I think not!

    The Spineless Sheep are those that are actually disinterested in Football but claim to support a team and engage in Footy talk because they are too scared to admit they’re not fans. It’s a big herd and we all know them – the guy or girl in the office who will clench their fist and sigh upon hearing that “their team” lost on the weekend and offer a verbal quip about “We’ll get you next time” before slinking off into the background with a Cup-A-Soup. To an extent, I understand their position – it’s sometimes easier to “go with the flow” and not be challenged on your views. However, it is the ambivalence of this group that contributes to the ubiquity of Football and feeds the hype machine. (The Anti Football League should note that this group is a rich feeding ground for membership support as they are potentially closer to “enlightenment” than other supporter types).

    Lastly, parents of brain washed youngsters paint their kids faces, take them to the games and talk Footy ad nauseam. The child has little to no opportunity to repel their fathers boisterous assailment and the vicious cycle continues.

    There’s one question that some Anti Football members may hate, but I love: “Who do you barrack for?”. I enjoy proclaiming loudly that “I don’t follow a team because I don’t like Football”. It stuns the question asker (typically a Hardcore Fanatic) and raises the eyebrows of the Spineless Sheep in the vicinity! Unfortunately, unless Parental Brain Washing makes it onto the list of actions considered as “child abuse” , there is nothing we can do about the Brain Washed Youngsters. A pity – unless you’re in the face paint industry.

  27. If we could remove the ‘greed’ factor from corporations then maybe football would be played Saturday afternoons only, leaving Friday nights and the balance of the weekend for family or other sports.
    If the media could understand the difference between ‘news’ and ‘sport’ maybe our community would be better informed about the events affecting our society.
    Instead of the government funding improvments to the current ‘football’ facilities how about sending those funds to local sports ovals for rainwater tanks, regrassing and fences to reduce the costs of vandalism.
    This would help the majority not the minority!

  28. What I can’t cop about a lot of football supporters is that they’ll yell their guts out and get bent out of shape over footy, yet, many of them will justify their apathy towards politics by saying that there’s nothing they can do about it, so it’s pointless to bother. Can’t they see their hypocrisy?

  29. The great thing about being a footy player is that it doesn’t matter what you do wrong. Because if you stuff up and people criticise you for it, you can just run on to the footy field on the weekend and prove them wrong.

  30. While being an anti-football league member, I am also a member of 2 AFL teams. I believe that there is a place for sports in the community, though this has been blown completely out of proportion. Idolising young men for being able to jump is quite odd and the anti-football league is needed to help point this out

  31. Yes it is usual in democracy for a few to tell others how they should behave. Hang on thats not right it is a dicatorship.My advice is if you dont like afl, just keep away from it but dont bag what you dont want to understand.
    I like all sport watching and playing it. I am a member of an AFL club and have missed one match this year out of 12 and have been to 3 states so far.
    I dont discuss footy unless the other person is interested but wont stop discussing it to please you neither will I stop my passion.

  32. Grand final tickets are promised to the privileged few, while ordinary Australians moan about not being able to see their team in the grand final. That’s a dictatorship, Joy.

    Also, the elite “few” who control this country love the fact that so many Aussies are obsessed with footy because it keeps them from interfering with important things like government policy.

    Bread and circuses Joy. Bread and circuses.

  33. I would suggest that we dont lose sight of the fact that the Australian Football league is very much a corporation. This is no less obvious when we see Vic Roads offering vehicle number plates with your team logo and colours. At $495 a set of plates, it begs the question – how much money goes to the Australian Football League? Multiply it by the number of fanatics willing to move their obsessive passion for their team to the outside of their respective vehicles, and we are talking about a lot of money.
    I wonder if people would be willing to place number plates with the logo and colours of a leading brand of cola drink onto their respective vehicles. Probably not, that would be supporting a corporation, which spends a lot of money pushing its products to the masses as hard as it can!

  34. This is a great site and has full and my utmost support. From reading the comments of other visitors I realise that i’m not alone afterall!!! It’s great to think that i’m not the only one who must frequently get “that look” – you know the one……from all those “real Australians” when we say “oh, I don’t follow footy”. My dislike of this game stems, and is fuelled by the blatent amount of “in your face” social and media coverage that it recieves. This game has solely become a “business” which is all about making money rather than the enjoyment of playing a sport. This along with the over-indulgence and bad behaviour of the players -who are given “god like” status – especially when involved in some personal incident that makes the papers, ie: (drugs, drink driving, assaulting their girlfriend or postman etc etc etc.) The “zombie like” facination people have for footy is, I believe, a really sad reflection of our society. My suggestions, (to any footy follower), would be to go and buy a good book to read, go to a art gallery, find any other interest in the world no matter what it might be, just as long as you don’t tell others that your “hobby” is following footy for god sake!

  35. The Australian Labor Party has 14,000 card carrying members.
    There’re over three hundred thousand card carrying members for the sixteen AFL clubs. Not to mention MCC members and AFL members. Melbourne has the least amount of members at about twenty eight thousand

    The Australian media has something like six football reporters for every one political reporter. It’s no wonder news about footballers hamstring strains or their latest off field indiscretions are given front page coverage in front significant national and international events. It’s a sad indictment on the mentality of the Australian public.

  36. I think it makes perfect sense that the Government should introduce new legislation that makes it compulsory for every australian citizen to become an AFL club member… and prevent morons like you guys from voicing your opinions no one cares about… AFL IS THE BEST SPORT EVER! CHRIS JUDD IS A GOD!!! GO CARLTON!!!!!

  37. Well, that just about sums it up.
    Don’t know about others, but this fellow has completely justified my membership of the anti football league –he probably doesn’t understand how, and probably never will.

  38. look… i don’t actually believe what i wrote, it was just a joke, but seriously… fair enough you guys don’t like Aussie Rules, but you all seem to think it’s a crime the rest of us do?? We’re just enjoying ourselves watching a game we find entertaining. There well might be more to life, but really… i’m happy enough just with footy…. that will do for me.

  39. I recently had to travel on the same train as a large number of a football supporters. The monosyllabic grunts emanating from these simian creatures only confirmed what I’d always believed. Also, why are most football supporters just plain ugly? Or. are all ugly people football supporters because they are excluded from normal ssocialising?

  40. AFL star urinates on cafe. Chris Judd has a sore foot and in other news the USA has launched a nuclear strike on Iran. We now cross to Carlton to look at Judd’s foot.

  41. The Olympics are on our doorstep.
    This is a time where sports identities are paid lots of money to represent the team/country with the opportunity to be sporting “heroes”. We are able to barrack for them, wave the flag, and engage in everything between patriotic hysteria and abuse. We can shout, “kill the opposition”, and criticize our “heroes” when they fail, we can talk about these failures the next day/week, and watch the results over and over again on the TV. We can analyze why they lost and how.
    There will be total TV, radio and press saturation covering the events.. …….wait a minute this sounds very familiar.

  42. I think we should create an award for the most ridiculous WEASEL words uttered on Radio or TV. An example; Player XXX causes injury during the unmentionable game, he is taken before the tribunal at which time he is suspended…as far as the presenter is concerned player XXX “accepted” a 1 week suspension as if he was doing something honourable. The fact is he broke the rules and was punished by a 1 week suspension…that is how it should be presented to the public. Bah Humbug

  43. you XXXX need lives, seriously, football is an aussie tradition, you guys are the kids that where always XXXX at it as a kid and sat off the field and watched as the good ones got the girls, and use got level ups on pokemon. if you think you can rally together and ban AFL, then you need to reconsider your humanity

    This message has been censored to comply with anti-sedition legislation -The Secretary

  44. Thank god for sites like this. I cannot stand the silly game of AFL. I also have no idea how it went from being 100 years old in 1996 to 150 years old in 2008. Does the AFL have anyone on the board who knows math?

  45. Never before have so many people worked themselves into so great a lather over so trivial a pastime over which they have so little control over the outcome.

    Imagine if the same level of attention paid to ‘Australian Rules Football’ was paid to, say, the road toll and driver safety, local, state and federal politics … we would have a more efficient political system: or less dead on the road … instead we have S*m N*wman driving women to self-harm. Thanks, rabid, one-eyed AFL supporters! You’re part of the problem!

  46. To Bruce McRae and other uneducated fools.

    1. Players can either choose to accept a ban or appeal it. THEY DO HAVE A CHOICE, and no option is seen as being heroic.

    2. Football fans are tax payers aswell.

    3. Football players are like all other people, they make mistakes.

    Funny that you hate something so passionately without knowing a thing about it.

  47. Gerry, AFL supporters are all ugly because they have all had sex with Joffa and reproduced.

    Don’t swim in the shallow end of the gene pool that is AFL.

  48. There are many people who do the wrong thing and break the law. We have a penal system to cope with this and it offers effective punishment.
    If footballers were not falsely held up as so called “heroes” and so called “role models” they would be fined and punished without comment just like all other offenders, and we wouldn’t hear about it. They are not heroes, they are not role models they are just ordinary people made out to be more important than they really are. The Australian Football League is not the judge or jury in these matters and has no jurisdiction, it can only impose its own internal irrelevant punishments, which are really of little consequence
    and just a phony as the whole game.
    Let the court system take care of these issues and deal with them within the genuine legal system.

  49. Thank God for a site like this… because it’s just given me yet another reason to love football… so i can piss you guys off!!!

  50. I feel sport has a place in a sane society. The type of sport that the masses can and do participate in to promote health and fitness. Foolsball does not fit this category. However many sports that do are currently on offer during the Olympics. Unless the station with the rights to televise the Olympics also has AFL obligations. In which case Foolsball gets priority. Is it any wonder I hate football.

  51. Heres another great article on the problem of Australia’s obsession with sport.

    He is absolutely right, if someone wants to waste their life and play sport, then they shouldn’t expect public funding for their training. Reduce the fees for the Doctor or the scientist and give it to the parasites (“olympic champions”).

    Knock down the MCG and build some more victorian terraces and apartments, extend jolimont to the trainline. 😛

  52. At last!! after interminable monday morning taxi rides in footy season with absolutely no interest in listening to the drivers rant about his team or the team that beat his team, I can now just flash my new AFL pin and extol the virtues of the “real” AFL – I was a member 40 odd years ago when it was almost anti Australian to question the sanctity of football – while I don’t mind a bit of sport in all its guises I can certainly do without the inevitable offield brainless behaviour that surrounds many past and present players of this code – may the cube be with you!!

  53. This site is a complete and utter discrace. you people who are stuck in the 17th century who are scared of a bit of rouhg and tumble. Football provides hard working people with a weekend of enjoyment that comes close to nothing else. they can forget there problems and watch there team fight it out. football is an aussie tradition and will live on and on!

  54. And another thing go and play your little pussy sports like chess and board games! you bunch of losers! Carn the brisbane lions!

  55. I have been in Melbourne for 26 years. When I arrived I was told how great Melbourne is because the then VFL was the greatest game ever. PLEASE Melbourne people this AFL is pathetic. Truly analised it is simply a lot of fit people kicking and catching. They push and shove each other before the “game” has even started, look silly passing a ball with a fist punch and the silly Melbourne people support this nonsense and outrageous payments made to these men by paying astronomical entrance fees. MELBOURNE AFL FANS you truly are dumb.

  56. if you cannot stand AFL then my suggestion is to pack up and leave… because it’s only gonna get worse and worse for you guys

    Which AFL are you referring to, Brendan?

  57. Oh great football sheep, why do you flock each week in large numbers inside huge oval pens, to watch other bovines run around on the grass.
    You bleat and butt each other in the stalls, you are lead and fleeced by the shepherds of commercialism, your wool is traded for fine things, things to make the shepherds more prosperous. Come on sheep, break out of the mindless flock – come and join the anti football league, and bleat no more.

  58. Nice post, Eric. I’d love some of our pro-footy friends to respond to it, but unfortunately they wouldn’t understand it. LOL.

  59. How many Aus Football League stars does it take to change a light bulb?

    None – the club organises a team of electricians to do it for them.

    You do realise Football clubs are non-profit organisations…

  60. What a very sad group of people you all are. An elitist bunch of clowns who have nothing better to do than to look down your noses at people who have a passion for a great Australian game. I have a suggestion for you. If you don’t like Australian Rules, move to a place where your delicate sensibilities won’t be offended by it. How about Cuba? The don’t play it there, and I am sure most of you would love to live under the tender mrecies of Fidel/Raoul Castro. Just think, you will be to daydream about the “glory” days of your beloved Soviet Union.

  61. Hehe “elitist bunch of clowns”!

    Football is so boring … can barely keep my eyes open if I’m forced to watch it … a bunch of hoons mud-wrestling … if I have to watch sport, I prefer sports like women’s beach volleyball 🙂

    By the way … what do people think about the Greenhouse effect? Occuring? Not? Natural Cycle? Pollution driven? Who is right? Al Gore? Bjorn Lomborg? Is there a scientific consensus? Does it matter?

  62. Chip Saunders. Who’s elitist? The elitism of Football is extreme, right from the schoolyard through to the halls of power. Why should we leave? Isn’t that a bit elitist of you? A poitless recalcitrant such as yourself would fail to see their own hypocrisy so clearly.

  63. You’re a nutcase, are you actually paying any attention to the crap you’re fingers are typing??

    The people on this site are insulting footballers and footballer supporters alike just for enjoying something they dislike… absolutely pathetic! You all seem have this narrow minded belief that all football supporters are ignorant, loud-mouthed buffoons, that all footballers are rapist-thug heroes… now that is what I call ignorance. If you don’t like it turn off the television. Get a life.

  64. Matt; Australian Rules is not about elitism. It is a game played by all levels of society, boys and girls, men and women and by people of very variable standards of ability. People play it because it is fun, and because of the camaraderie it produces. As for your misspelt comment about me being elitist and a hypocritical recalcitrant, may I suggest you go and look at a mirror and take a very good hard look at yourself? I suggested people of your ilk had a choice. You can choose to not watch football. You can choose to change the channel. You can chose not to reads the back page. You can choose to go to a place where they do not play football. You are free to indulge in whatever bizarre fantasy hat you wish. What you are not free to do is to denigrate people who have different interests to you.

  65. Bah, can’t we talk about something else other than football? Perhaps love it or hate it Australians can’t talk about anything else???

  66. Thank god there’s a guest book on this site! I have to give a talk in my english class on a certain topic, Afl. We can chose to be for or against it. Of course most mindless bogans in my class chose to be “fully supportive of footy, mate” But oh what a shock they will get when I step up and start telling them exactly why their ‘super’ sport is a shameful stereotype for Australia.

  67. Thank goodness there is a site like this 🙂

    Football is everywhere, it is impossible to stay out of it, its become completly over the top in Australia. It and sport in general, when I search on the internet for a suburb and get 90% hits a football club then you know theres a problem. I support you guys 100%, I know you probably get heaps of critisism, as football is religion here, critisising football is like attaking democracy, it is supported blindly by everyone. Australia needs a site like this. There is more to East Melbourne then the MCG — there is more to Melbourne then sport. There is more to life then sport.

  68. Steady now football sheep, the time fast approaches where you will be freed from visits to the huge oval pens, and you will be able to move into the paddock of sanity. Living away from the flock will be scary, and the unity that you felt comfortable amongst will dissipate in time.
    You will learn to live on your own, in the paddock of sanity, there will be some minor adjustment, your brain will recover, and your bleating and head butting will subside.
    Do not lament oh football sheep, the anti football league is here for you during this terrible period.

  69. This morning I heard that football TV ratings have declined in NSW and that the crowd at last weekend’s game between Sydney and North Melbourne was the lowest at a final since 1924. Obviously the people in NSW have better things to do with their time.

  70. Sorry, I will have to be an apology for the 2008 Football free lunch as I’m from out of town and working that afternoon. I know I will be busy as most others will want the afternoon off for you know what but suits me fine as I love my Saturday arvo job. I will be there by myself with the radio tuned into a football-free station – bliss.

  71. why don’t you just follow dame edna’s example and give it a try… you never know, you might discover just how miserable you’re previous lives were… 😉

  72. Like many of you, I do not understand why the AFL continue to try to break into the Sydney market. As a good product as Australian Rules, the good burghers of Sydney remain committed to a sport that you would consider an even bigger travesty; Rugby League. Perhaps Chris you should move to NSW and give League a try? The season goes even longer than the footy season, and then the World Cup will follow on straight away. Then the cricket starts! Its a great tome of year. If you keep an open mind, then I am sure you will love it! Then again, keeping an open mind seems a step to far for most of the punters on this blog.

  73. Chip. Wrong. I am free to denigrate morons like you as much as I please… only at a safe distance though, as I can’t trust trained bullies to not solve arguments with fists. I stand by what I said, football is elitist, schools have the AFL corporation shamelessly advertising thier violent product to six year olds as though playing football were the greastest possible aspiration our youth could have. I did miss the ‘n’ in pointless, granted, but check the spelling on your reply. Use a dictionary.

  74. I would be so proud for you to denigrate me… I certainly wouldn’t want people to think I have any sort of understanding with you. 99.9% of the population… including those who have no interest in football whatsoever, would read that and be forgiven for questioning you’re sanity. It makes me wonder. What is the one thing that just about every comment on this site has mentioned? That’s right… you guessed it! Football… Football Football Football!!! It’s enough to make one wonder just really how much you hate it, perhaps you’re in denial? Either way, you’re certainly obsessed with it. I’d love to see whoever heads this cult to come out with those views in public, you wouldn’t dare because you’d realise you’d become the biggest joke in Australia:)

  75. Quote: I am free to denigrate morons like you as much as I please… only at a safe distance though, as I can’t trust trained bullies to not solve arguments with fists.

    This proves two things… one, you love categorizing people into stereotypes. Two, you’re an absolute coward who only has the guts to fire ammo from you’re own keyboard

  76. Matt,

    Must you descend into puerile name calling? Sure, I may have taken a few knocks to my head playing sport, but what is your excuse? As for needing a dictionary, I would suggest you would be in greater need of it than me. Pardon my knocks to the head, my bemused exposure to an increasingly dysfunctional education system run by the Lunar Left and my clearly childlike intellect; however I am fairly sure that you may need to check the spelling of the following:
    – thier
    – greastest

    That should give you something to do while the rest of us get on with normal pursuits. Have fun. If you can.

  77. Chip, I know no other way of dealing with what you admit is a ‘childlike intellect’. Why do you assume that my pursuits are abnormal? Sorry about the typos Chip. ‘Lunar’, Chip, means ‘to do with the moon’. ‘Loony left’ is the more common phrase. Maybe if more emphasis were placed on inlellctual pursuits rather than sport in Australia, education would improve. You would be suprised to know how many ex-footballers dominate management in education. Why do you assume, Chip, that my pursuits, which you know nothing about, are abnormal? Is football the only ‘normal’ passtime?

  78. I am very proud to become a member of such a fine League.
    If pre season is played over seas
    maybe they would like to keep it there, we do not need it !!!!!
    Keep up the great work
    Hey Mato guess you must be into football, you have the traditional o at the end of your name, original isn’t it.

  79. Matt,

    Loony Left is the more common phrase, however Lunar Left is also in widespread use. It implies people with bizarre ideas with little or no basis in fact or reality. Yes I maybe as thick as two short planks in comparison to a towering genius like yourself, however I am more than happy to stay that way. I maybe thick, but I can spell. I also don’t go around making sweeping statements on issues that I know nothing about. The only person who implied that football is the only normal “passtime” (I assume you mean past time) is you. I know nothing about your lifestyle Matt, and to be honest, I really don’t want to. You are free to live your life, just as I am free to live mine. I will defend your right to speak freely, no matter how ill-informed and just plain dumb the words are. However, until I can get evidence to change my opinions, my distaste for people like you, with your false sense of superiority based on disdain for something you don’t like, will remain. By the way, can you recommend any good books for me to read? I am sick of Dr Seuss, and his sidekick John Pilger.

  80. If you want something to read, Chip. (I take it that Chip refers to the thing on your shoulder) I’d recommend you read something by Andrew Bolt or Tangles. I’m sure they’d be right up your alley.

  81. That was a good article Stuart. I agree with the bit that said:

    “The whole point of sport is to insulate you from things that matter.”

  82. What a bunch of losers you are. You people are whats wrong with this country. If you dont like football, dont watch it and you might think you’re important commenting on a rubbish site like this but i propose that you come down this saturday to the G and we’ll give you a good touch up. You can go sing and dance in brunswick st all you like and frankly we dont care. we dont criticise anyone for not loving footy, so what the hell gives you the right to do so to us? Go paint pictures and stay at home you losers, you will always be the minority and if you don’t like football, keep it to yourself

  83. It still amazes me as to why people would start an anti-football league. Possibly the most insane and idiotic i have ever heard of. I admire your spirit and all but honestly, what gives you the right to stop Footy? Think about the thousands, if not millions of people who play it every saturday. They play as a team and have fun at the same time. This gives you good leadership skills and socialising skills. To be honest, every member who supports this has nothing better do as they could never come up with something as good and iconic as footy. AntiFootballLeague will go no where so just give up.
    Some people just don’t have lives…

  84. BTW, Hawks or Cats? Hawthorn are the sentimental favourites for mine, with Crawford in their side and being the underdogs. Having said that, I’ve always had a soft spot for Geelong and they have been the best team this year. Hawthorn will have plenty of opportunities in years to come, it would be disastrous for the Cats to have a period of such dominance (43 wins from 45 games now?) and not go back-to-back. Thus, I’ll have reason to be happy no matter who wins, provided it eclipses the rest of this lacklustre finals series in terms of entertainment. What do you guys think? And to think we still have the Brownlow to be awarded tomorrow night! There is plenty of excitement left in this season, and before we know it, we’ll be going around the merry go round once again in the year 2009. God, I love football.

  85. Geelong do look good, but I am leaning towards the Wee and the Poo causing an upset. If their forward line works to its potential, they may do it. As for the Brownlow Jimmy Bartell is my tip; may just pip Boomer for it. I know that will cause controversy on this blog, but thats the beauty of free speech. Does anybody think that any club will bother to pick up Nathan Thompson?

  86. Chris,

    No, I don’t like Andrew Bolt. He is way to wishy-washy for my tastes. On a totally different subject, do you think the Australian Cricket selectors made a mistake in not picking Ashley Noffke for the tour of India?

  87. Once football starts to appear on both the front and back covers of the newspapers, you know it is time to pull down the shutters, burrow into the bunker and declare your home, your office, your car, your blog – indeed, the entire universe if one only had the right to define one’s own concept of existence – a football free zone, and to proudly wear the pin of the only AFL I will ever barrack for: The Anti-Football League.

    Great article in today’s edition of The Age, BTW.

  88. i would have thought that the reason people go to the football is the same reason people go to a concert, cinema, theatre, opera etc. To be entertained. The only difference is that football is a more popular form of entertainment.

  89. So, football is only for bogans eh?

    Try telling that to the physiotherapists, the doctors, the pharmacists, marketing execs, stockbrokers, lawyers and members of the police force that play the game and support it enthusiastically.

    Meanwhile you lot write letters and play with model trains.

  90. How ironic that your acronym mirrors that of the Australian Football League. They are who you should be directing your petty frustrations at, not at the game of Australian rules football.
    On any given winter Saturday, just around the corner from where you will be eating your tofu and eggplant salad on Grand Final Day, you will find boys and men of all ages engaging in a social activity that gets them out in the open, gets them active, and enjoying each others company. Weather permitting, you will also see couples, singles, families, dogs, cats and all manner of other animals enjoying the leafy surrounds of the Brunswick Street Oval, even if they don’t follow either side. Football is not just a sport for the worlds bogans and boofheads, it’s like all other sports and provides the platform for friendships, physical exercise and fun. Enjoy your lunch !

  91. Yes, D – barely a week goes by without yet another high-profile demonstration of great “leadership and socialising skills” on the part of footballers gracing the front pages. That’d also be why the AFL (the other one), felt compelled to produce a video for its players pointing out that sexual assault is actually a bit of a no-no.

    … – the other difference being that those who go to the cinema, etc, tend to get on with the rest of their lives afterwards, rather than going on about it ad-bloody-nauseam; neither do people at the movies tend to have some sort of unjustified, vicarious sense of achievement at the conclusion. Neither do they tend to obsess over it to the detriment of the rest of their lives and bore the living daylights out of evryone else.

    FOOTY IS NO. 1 – A recent survey showed 57% of the population have no interest in football – surely even you could figure out that isn’t a “minority”. As for the “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” argument; sure, that’s easy – you just have to spend 26 weeks a year avoiding TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet.. or any contact whatsoever with people with double digit IQs…

  92. I love way some of the pro-footy boofheads keep trying to defend the integrity of their beloved footy culture with threats of violence towards anyone who is critical of it. The best way to damage your cause is to argue badly for it. Keep up the good work guys.

  93. ???- really? i heard plenty of people taliking about the latest batman movies and others such as james bond and star wars always generate high levels of interest, as do concerts when certain music groups tour. Why? Because they are popular! if a movie on the popularity scale of batman came out every one or two weeks you would find that of course everyone would be talking about it ad nauseum. It has nothing to do with who supports it rather how many support it.

    as for your survey, is that the national population? considering NSW and QLD have little to no interest in AFL (and those states make up over 1/2 the nations population) i’m relativbely surprised its not higher.

    why do you have to avoid tv, radio, magazines, internet or newspapers?

    tv- football is only ever on one channel at a time. that means theres 4 other FTA stations and if you have foxtel, there are plenty of other channels to pick from.

    radio- again plenty of stations and i know they don’t all go on about football 24/7

    newspapers- just dont read the back of the paper. personally i don’t like the gossip columns. its very easy to skip over things you don’t like.

    magazines- plenty of other types of magazines apart from sport ones

    internet- for the millions of websites out there you cant find one which doesnt talk about AFL??

  94. This website sucks balls. I bet a bunch of batty boys made it. I thought it would b funny to have a look. Wish i didn’t waste my Data allowance on this…

  95. …and here I was thinking that the piont of the ‘real’ AFL was that there is something more important in life than football.

    It’s a great game, but that’s all it is – a game.

  96. I have one question for all of you footy supporters.

    If Aussie rules football is as magnificent as it’s made out to be in the Victorian media, why hasn’t it been embraced by any other countries?

  97. one more thing football cosumes my life because i love it.

    football cosumes your life because you hate it.

    what is the point hating something so much you make a day of it?

    just like you said we waste our days at the footy, at least we love it. all the while your having your little meeting at a pub im sure someone will make the comment ‘i bet the people at the footy arnt having this much fun’

    which shows how u do care about australian rules football, just the sheer fact you are protesting against it makes me wonder how much interest you have in it.

    i dont like american (fake) wrestling so i dont watch it, when its on i change the channel. if u asked me when thier grand final or whatever they have is one i wouldnt know but it seems to me you all know a fair bit about football and the grandfinal. you will probably have a celebration at the start of the game or something.

    if you dont care dont make a point of it.

    also you wont be able to get away from the game either. im sure someone with a boom box will come share rex hunts call of the game for you all.

  98. i just read this from one of you members.
    ‘can certainly do without the inevitable offield brainless behaviour that surrounds many past and present players of this code’
    i dont know if u like art or music or whatever.

    but their have been some bad artist who have done some bad things and musians just the same.

    and politians if your in to politics.

    let it go, you are all a lost cause, when u talk about hating afl your talking about it. move your conversation onto the weather if you want to talk about something else.

    i did notice someone talk about the sydney north finals attendance. there someone goes again paying our game some respect by mentioning it.

    get over it and be gone with your stupid cause.

    go save some trees if you want to make a difference. football isnt hurting anyone.

  99. Chris,

    You are a Victorian aren’t you? That does explain a few things. Chris should you ever leave Victoria you will find Australian Rules is played throughout the Commonwealth of Australia, plus a great many countries around the world. In fact there was just recently a tournament featuring these nations – surely you would have noticed that, given your belief that the media is a craven puppet of the AFL? Or maybe you don’t read, watch or listen to any media sources? That would again explain a few things. Get a grip on reality, and loosen the grip on your other thing.

  100. The people who created this website should spend their time doing something useful like finding a fix for cancer or solving world poverty, or putting a huge hit on while they skull a VB and smash meat pies!

  101. … – I wouldn’t deny that coverage of popular entertainment goes way over the top as well, but I doubt that Batman (or whatever) would receive front page coverage in the newspapers day after day after day (especially in the middle of a global financial crisis). Neither would those who watched it claim that its of any broader consequence, or feel some sense of personal achievement when Batman vanquishes the bad guys (in contrast to those who go on interminably about “their” team’s victory, as though they had some sort of personal involvement, and it somehow makes the world a better place).

    Re the survey – it appeared in the Age a while back, and it was indeed just Victorians (Melbournians, no less!). And the 57% covered only those professing “no interest” – large chunks of the population also claimed “little” or “moderate” interest only. Admittedly the survey was a few years back, but I see no reason why our collective IQ would have plummeted dramatically in the meantime.

    Re the media – with newspapers, its not just a matter of avoiding the back – try the back, the front, the innumerable liftouts, and a fair portion of the remainder. Likewise with TV news bulletins, talk radio, internet news sites, etc, etc. (needless to say the caped crusader would never get anything even approaching this kind of blanket coverage). And perhaps there’s plenty of non-football magazines out there if you can be bothered paying for them, but as a self-confessed tightwad, I prefer the free ones that fall out of the Saturday papers, and once again they tend to be full of it. And by far the worst source of football-related boredom are the obsessed fans who go on about it endlessly, and, needless to say, they remain absolutely unavoidable.

  102. Somebody wrote on this site that if you don’t like footy then you should go to Cuba. That is preposterous. Why should we export such individuals to places that already suffer enough misery, without inflicting that. Go Hawks.

  103. “You can choose to go to a place where they do not play football. You are free to indulge in whatever bizarre fantasy hat you wish. What you are not free to do is to denigrate people who have different interests to you.”
    I think a lot of people who have been called ‘poofter’, ‘weirdo’ or other names for not joining in a discussion about football can tell you more about what the word ‘denigrate’ means. Why are all these loser football fans here being all defensive about their precious AFL anyway…?

  104. Thank you Keith Dunstan for your diligent work stamping out religion disguised as circus.

    My favorite football phenomenon is the announcement of the “All Australian Team”. A national team with no-one to play against. HHAHA

    Weshould become more militant, I think. I am organising terrorist attacks on the Burley and Chesson factories, if anyone would like to be involved…

  105. Chip,

    Just because a “handful” of people play Aussie rules football in a few other countries that doesn’t mean those countries have embraced the sport.

    So again I ask. If Aussies rules football is as magnificent as the Victorian media claims it is why hasn’t it been embraced by other countries?

  106. The fascinating thing is that intellectuals and members of the Anti Football League seem toi constantly have thier heterosexuality questioned. It is football players, however, who are actually closet homosexuals. Why else would they touch each others bottoms publicly? You see the one thing that these people don’t understand is that free speech requires an absense of violence. Otherwise only the violent people are free to say what they want. If the world learned this lesson there would be no wars. This is not high school, this is the adult world.

  107. Well put, Matt. Sadly enough, the footballers that are homosexual (estimated to be 5 to 10% of players) feel unable to come out of the closet because of the small-minded homophobia of fans and other players. I wonder how many footy fans are in ignorance or denial that some of their favourite players are gay.

  108. hahaha,
    do people actually bother ridiculing a sport?!

    is this crap actually real?!

    and people gather to ridicule it?!

    i’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

  109. Yes, Adam, people love ridiculing this sport because it is an easy target. ie ridiculous.
    I notice that even deep in December, when football paraphernalia should be quietly rotting away in landfill facilities throughout this wide brown land, the media is still chock-a-block with
    off-season doggerel. I am still waiting in vain for the news that Ben Cousins is looking for a real job.
    I have infiltrated Burley and Chesson and impregnated next years leather feedstock with nitroglycerin.

  110. Is my site the only Australian Rules Football site with links to the Anti-Football League?
    The links are in our ‘Footy Widows’ section obviously!

    We don’t mind, because the money raised from your organisation goes to good causes, and it’s all a bit of fun (I think!)

    Plus, we at love Keith Dunstan’s classic ‘Footy-An Aussie Rules Dictionary’ that was released in 1983. A ‘must-read’ for any Aussie Rules fan.

    May you still be around in 2067 to celebrate your centenary!

  111. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game/rules….its the moronic culture attached to it. The bogan, pisshead, punch up “bring back the biff” garbage.
    I used to work as a personal trainer; nearly every ex-footballer (AFL, NRL), even chumps who only played a lot up to senior in school I had to train had major problems with knees, back or neck. You’d have to be an idiot to exalt a game that is played in such a way that damages and impairs you for the remaining 3/4 of your life. Chiropractors must love what football does for their business!

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