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148 thoughts on “Guestbook 2011

  1. I am so glad that I found out about this organisation, each year we face 7 months of Neanderthal migration in Melbourne streets filled with the sound of 2 braincells grinding against each other from hordes of empty cranial vaults. What happened to the cultural capital of Australia? We ask no more than 7 months of peace each year without being affected indirectly by football followers on a social level.

    • This is so true….I am sick of all the news, radio, papers, magazines, tv, advertising, brainwashing, pubtalk, street conversions..relating to one sport….there are so many sports worldwide that are so good, interesting, exciting and entertaining and AFL is not one of them.

      What about all the other topics of discussion around the family, district, state, country and world….stop talking about the verbal diarrhea disease otherwise known as AFL

  2. I keep having morons asking me “Who do you follow?”
    I’m still trying to come up with a witty answer that these poor souls will be able to understand.
    At the moment the standard response is “Follow? You mean like stalking?”

  3. I nominate Ashley Morrison for his weekly radio show in WA (an AFL mad state) called “Not the Footy Show”.

    The show has been on the WA airwaves for over 3 years now. When the show was set up Ashley even got a warning letter from 9 to cease and desist from calling his show “Not the Footy Show”.

    The show actually goes the other way by promoting all other sports that don’t get the coverage AFL get.

    Check out his blog:

  4. If you dont like it dont watch it, instead of setting up a league and crying like little girls ew the footy’s on actually go to europe where I am sure you enjoy watching people dive when sneezed upon!

  5. Here we go again. Boganball is back, and this time with a new gaggle of leather-skinned, peanut-brained fools from the Gold Coast joining the party.

    I find it amusing when the crowd noise swells up (OHHHHHHHHH!!!) when one animal tackles another. It’s like hearing a mass of programmed monkeys. The average Australian really is a dumbsh*t follower of destructive buffoonery and outright brutality.

  6. When politicians fund sport its all about self promotion.

    If not we would have evidence basses research, looking at health outcomes
    before funding any spots

    LOOK at outcomes to aspiring sports people, the sports professionals, and spectators.
    The current funding of public money to these sports is just CORRUPT!
    thanks Vespasian

  7. These pathetic morons are all about contest, competition, domination, winning, aggression. The trouble is the inflated egos fuelled by the money they receive, and the fact that most of them are low intelligence anyway, make it hard for them in normal life. The likes of Fevola, Cousins, Dawson and others can’t cope with the attention so resort to drugs and alcohol and moronic behaviour (Modelling themselves on Newman I imagine) It’s hard for them also to deny the homosexual feelings they undoubtably feel sometimes for their teammates, (viz the recent incident where nude photos of one team member were found on the computer of another) so they resort to high profile play with underage girls, probably because that’s all they attract. And the likes of Demetriou and the sponsors of this rubbish back them to the hilt because of the dollars involved. What a joke it is! And the supporters are too stupid to see through this. Possibley because most of them are also low intelligence and share the culture of angry agression and the need to dominate and win that you see in so many aspects of everyday life on the road in the workplace, in politics, etc

  8. I read in today’s paper that Fevola has a “management company” who is defending him from his sacking from whatever team he plays for. They are “disappointed that Brisbane has refused to detail in full the reasons for his dismissal.” So persistent behaviour of drugs and drunkenness, and unsociable activity spanning several years isn’t sufficient?
    “It is believed the Lions opted to swing the axe after being granted salary cap relief by the AFL to help absorb the cost of severing Fevola’s $1.9 million deal.” What a pathetic joke that this moron is treated with this sort of respect presumably by other morons in his “management team”

  9. Now it’s Ricky Nixon I hear in the news tonight who is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with the 17yo girl who took the photos of the nude players. This man’s a complete f**kwit. What a loser. That this child has already been exploited by the moronic players and now this fool has been caught out with her. But the AFL is apparently backing him up and supporting him with some sort of excuse including that “she has had a troubled recent past” You pathetic morons AFL

  10. It didn’t take long. 24 hours after the Christchuch earthquake and some sicko in the media wondering what this will mean for the ability of the city to host some international football game later this year. This is seriously sick but is typical of the manic obsession these f**kwits have. They need to be psychiatrically assessed.

  11. NO AFL, is one of the good things about leaving Victoria. Lucky I prefer to watch paint dry, it’s more entertaining. AFL and its so called players are a over protected, overpaid species. Where else in OZ can x/&players,most with more lives than a cat when found convicted of breaking laws,& have been given high paid jobs in media without little education or experience. I am lucky, I have a life. AFL is over rated/boring

  12. Due to constant Media harassment etc via TV, N/Paper,Radio,.etc.I have total hatred for football / AFL/ex/players. I will not buy nor support any company nor business that supports, endorses, advertises &/or promotes football / & it’s ex/players,& current players in any shape or fashion.

  13. Every year someone reading these pages nominates a disgraced footballer for the Wilkie Award, stating dryly that they have done the least for football in the previous year. While these statements are undoubtedly true as jokes they are abismal not least because they have been made so many times before. I will be disillusioned about the intellectual calibre of anti-footballers if such a nomination is made again this year. Lets see that it is not. There enough wit in the anti-footballing community to not have to repeat the same tired old joke.

  14. Great, just read some trash on the back of my friends toilet wall that the g. final is on MY birthday. thats it. Im leaving. checking out all the latest cheap flights for Machu Picchu or Laos, anywhere they dont speak f….l.. I still cant believe people pay to go and see this If anyone has seen a leather ball thing that they want me to take with me to leave in one of these remote places pls email me and I will gladly give u my address to send. Please do not inflate,make sure its not signed by idiots,and be very aware that i will not ever show anyone overseas how to play .

  15. The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving. right?

  16. I heard a football team captain on TV saying that some of his team mates had been disappointed that they hadn’t been recognised by some women in a bar somewhere. Oh dear how terrible that these egotistical f**kwits weren’t noticed. It says a lot tho about their over-inflated sense of self importance. Another one was bemoaning the fact that, because of multiple concussion incidents he was at risk of early dementia…….derrrrrr. Some would argue that it wouldn’t really be noticed. Ha!

  17. A football player was asked on the news last night why he thought his team had lost a game. His response “well they kicked more goals than us” This is the level of intelligence of the people that hundreds of thousands of football fans hold in such high regard. God help us all.

  18. It’s impossible to get away from the media frenzy as the football commentators scream into the microphone and use the words “thrashed” “dominated” “blitzed” “beaten into submission” when describing a stupid football game. Sounds to me like they’re seriously sexually frustrated…………maybe they’d benefit from a good f**king themselves.

  19. In today’s news : “Melbourne says it is shocked at allegations leadership group member Brent Moloney urinated on a bar early on Monday morning.

    The claim surfaced after the Demons’ come-from-behind 11-point win over Brisbane at the MCG on Sunday.

    Demons chief executive Cameron Schwab says Moloney admitted to being drunk while out celebrating in St Kilda in the early hours of the morning.

    Witnesses to a Melbourne radio station claimed the Demon player had relieved himself against a bar at a nightclub at about 3:00am (AEST).

    Schwab says Moloney had apologised to the club and the players.

    The club was investigating the claims and would decide on any punishment later on Monday.

    The Demons were disappointed and stunned at Moloney’s behaviour, especially after his recent elevation to the leadership group.

    Schwab would not speculate on Moloney’s position within the group until after its internal investigation.”

  20. #

    The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving. right?

    i challenge anyone to come up with a rebuttal. if you can’t then Sorry bout your damn luck

  21. Yet more images in the media of angry young men shown punching at each other’s faces with their angry grimaces showing their mouthguards in a vile demonstration of their aggression. And the crowd and the commentators cheering them on with taunts of “Handbag”, “Poofter”, What in God’s name has the world come to! You people are seriously sick.

  22. I was watching channel 24 news on the day of the Japanese Tsunami. The coverage was live as the disaster was taking place. At 6pm I decided to watch the channel nine news, in order to get the latest update.
    To my surprise and discust, the head news story was about a stupid footballer doing something stupid.
    Not being able to believe this terrible imbalance, I then swapped across to channel seven news and guess what – all about a stupid footballer doing something stupid. It took both stations 20 minutes to realise what was going on in Japan, but only after the sports report.
    That sums up why I despise this stupid game so much.

  23. u are all insane fotty brings people together and you guys musint be aussie beacuse your insluting whats great about aus. and that is sport and the way it bring people together go get a life u pricks

  24. there are no “nominees” for the brownlow u morons get your facts straight and you guys are the biggest w***ers i have ever come across. Some people shouldnt be allowed access to the internet

  25. Firstly jb for somebody that hates the game you seen to read or know a lot about it. It appears you read articles and quotes solely to gain amunition against what seemily dispise. Grow up and enjoy what you can from you life not from bringing down others which clearly results in very little apart from soom sort of self fulfillment!

    I live in Spain and have been out of Victoria for 7 years now, do I like AFL? The essence of the game like all sports is good, this can be applied to all sports throughout the world except possibly boxing. The problem is the social extremes of sport in Australia. Australians cling to this as to represent who they are and what they are. This same crap is everywhere but further perpetuated in Australia due to peoples searching for nationalistic individually. Sadly for these people nobody really cares about first there nationality and secondly what they feel is representative of them. Ultimately, this anti football concept can be applied to all hyper commercial MALE orientated sports that have strong social supports or over the world.

    The effect of change will never occur unless social changes occur and this will never happen because to many people gain and others conform but feel important even for only a brief period of time as a player or long periods of time as a supporter interweaving the key aspects of there lives in line with the outcome of there football teams success. The truely sad thing is that key moments of ones life is purely controlled by others not oneself!

  26. A question,rising from the Age and their boring AFL reporting of the new TV rights arrangements.

    Do we really need to see these games at ALL.

    For many of us, the constant re-hashing of the ball exploits all weekend together with the wail of the commentators, the deifying of mis-adventures of the players off the field all makes for dreadful television. In fact more of this rubbish on Foxtel makes me want to cancel my subscription

    What about more Disneyland, I dream of Genie and other great family friendly programs rather than the organised social engineering blood sport known at AFL.

  27. Geez, even the Royal Wedding (not that I give a rat’s about that that, either) has hardly swept back the endless tide of Idiotball coverage. The only thing on Sky (Lie) News this morning is not about Wills and Kate, but about how many apes have mutilated themselves on the field and about how many games they would miss. Screw them all.

  28. If, NIXON has nothing to hide, then put him on a “Pollie”. His answers To a interveiw on Sunday night T.V. appear to be reheresed and advahsive.

  29. It wouldn’t surprise me if these arse-patting overpaid protective wankers (footballers) are offered “Bravery Awards” for having a little play of football.

  30. What bothers me most about footballer/s, these people are sadly admired by so many people particularly the young. What a disappointing example. Constant claims against footballer/s who are not professional in conduct and appear to have no responsibililty ,no accountantability who believe they can do anything and get away with it. When are we the public going to see punishment to fit the found crime by the Law,Criminally &/or Civil.

  31. How about producing a car sticker that simplY says, “No football club affiliation whatsoever”. They’d sell like hotcakes.

  32. So Shane what is it that you actually refute about anything that I or others have said here? As for knowing a lot about the subject it’s impossible to avoid, even in the most innocuous news broadcast the oafball takes precedence over evrything more newsworthy. Just as a matter of interest what prompts you to even access this site?

  33. I used to read The Age online, until last week ALL seven of their “top stories” were about sport, and four of those football. So no more. It’s ABC News and from now on. Thankfully I come from a family with zero interest in organized sport of any kind, and my kids (all active healthy youngsters) also have zero interest. Footballers, because of the excessive media fawning and their asinine behaviour, should be locked up and only let out occasionally on very short leashes. And muzzled.

  34. The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country. It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes. Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring? if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving. right?

    i challenge anyone to come up with a rebuttal. if you can’t then Sorry bout your damn luck

  35. Funny how most of the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors come from the pro-Idiotball trolls? Similarly, you can tell who the worst drivers on the road are just by looking at their rear windows. They usually have a bumper sticker of their chosen vested baboon troop proudly displayed there.

    Every so often I go to a non-Idiotball site just to find a stupid Virgin Mobile ad emblazoned near the top of the page, announcing “It’s Tiny Footy Short Season” beside a photo of some guy’s crotch clad in blue Idiotball shorts. The mainstream media – in association with big corporate business and society in general – just loves to shove this ball nonsense into everyone’s face as much as they can, rubbing it in like salt into a gaping wound.

    Let the fools cram the stadiums to watch other fools beat the hell out of each other, chasing a piece of red pigskin, baring their blood-stained mouthguards which jut out profoundly from the entrances of their cavernous, twisted maws. To me, those are NOT admirable or aspirational traits. I see it as comedy at best, warlike brutality at least.

    Let society revel in this fakery. It doesn’t mean I have to join them.

  36. Man if all you people could understand my post and use all “intelligence” to something worth while things would be awesome

  37. A great deal of the money that ends up in the pockets of overpaid Idiotball players and executives should go towards the arts and the sciences, both of which are woefully underfunded in this country.

    Of course, that’s an unrealistic pipe dream. With stupid people and bogans multiplying like rabbits and smart, civilized people becoming the tiniest minority, Idiotball and its cousins (like Thugby up north) will ALWAYS secure the lion’s share of media attention and funding for the forseeable future.

    Teeming legions of Darwin’s rejects will continue to fill up the stadiums to watch opposing tribes of vested subhumans play Pigskin Ping-Pong, making stupid yaying and booing noises and spinning around their garish scarves like bullroarers whenever one of “their” representative subhumans kicks the red leather thing between the middle of the two tallest posts. A world ruled by deafening noise and uncivilised chaos.

  38. I have, in recent years, become a football widow and, though I never had much interest in the game before, have come to detest this mindless drivel.
    My husband, who is the star reserves bench warmer in an out-sticks, 5th rate squad of knuckle dragging, neuron deficient, cave dwelling drunkards that call themselves a football team, has taken on so much for the club that I seldom see him and when I do all he wants to talk about is football.
    He watches every game, every week on television (thankfully we live too far from a major city to actually go through the agony of attending a game) and tips in every competition available to him and talks about football non stop. I am on the verge of breaking the television and the radio and cutting off the internet just to prevent this sport of Neanderthals coming into my house.
    Why do people find it necessary to follow this game? Men running about in tight shorts chasing a dead pig filled with air, what exactly is the point? To see who can score the most, don’t they try that in the pub afterwards anyway?
    Very few of them have brains, intellect is considered a disadvantage in both player and follower, and even less have manners, those that do are too embarrassed to use them around this primitive crowd.
    What about theatre, art, literature, fine dining and the like? What of the more subtle and delicate things in life? Will they all soon be lost to the primordial cry of the guernsey wearing clans? Will the din of the thugs in the crowds and their pointless anthems drown out the beautiful music of times past?
    Sadly, they are allowed to continue to breed and spread like a plague.
    I am just grateful that I have girls and neither of them has any interest in football either.

  39. I hear some fool in the media making a connection between coaching a buffoon ball team and running a business. The worst environment I ever worked in was where the fool manager encouraged an oafball to be thrown around in the office, and the relentless moronic football talk was overwhelming. There is no link between managing a team of low iq players of a game with running any sort of organisation. For anyone to suggest that the management skills needed are comparable are reducing the science to imbecilic….but then that’s what they are I suppose…..imbeciles.

  40. The antics of the crowd at these things always amuses me. F**kwits with their back to the game jumping around and shouting obscenities and making fools of themselves………..the worst thing is seeing the children in the crowd mimicking this buffoonery

  41. i also agree with this supportive concept of the abhorance of this game. Most followers i know are truly challenged with taste and the worst are nothing short of fanatical idiots. The truth of the matter is that if the various sources of income were stopped and the country didnt spend so much of its available money on it, such as more venues, it could help those who need it, like the homeless, the druggies, the dispossessed, and in short all the citizens the government claims they have no money for. Dont waste money on a sport like this where it simply breeds a society that must appear to the planet as a sub species devoid of a true view of the future.

  42. Er der I is a footyball player.Um one days I is going to get me edumecated so me can be on T.V for someting to do. With all me money I get from footyball me might buy me a Pub so to flock can get drunk & talk shit(pardon me spanish)telling me how terrific me is.Me hope me rubber bands behind me ears hold so me face looks tight and young.Me could get medals&awards from P.M& U.N for save’in lives,I is a hero. Um, me could stop global conflict to show how brave&strong me is to play footyball.Er, der as a footyball player I could heal the blind,part the sea. I is a legend,er so brave, a hero. Who else would be man enough to lay in another mans spit on the field. To all my (sheep)supporters feel sad for me because I need to make a payment on my house in Noosa,wifes house in Byron.Tax dodge. Call donate to me 1300fiftyonly. Whats Dementia?

  43. I take great delight to ensure I boycott and do not assist in the promotion of football via any retail outlet or products sold/advertised to the general public in any shape or form. Lets face it its only a very clever marketing ploy to suck in football supporters.(the gifted sheep).

  44. In today’s news:

    Collingwood president Eddie McGuire was ‘outraged’ with a Saints fan for making disparaging remarks about Andrew Krakouer. (Getty Images: Paul Kane)

    Map: Melbourne 3000 Related Story: Saints no match for flying Pies Collingwood president Eddie McGuire had an angry confrontation with a St Kilda fan during Saturday night’s AFL grand final rematch at the MCG.

    Asked about his mood during the argument in the grandstand, McGuire said “I was outraged.”

    Television footage during the second term showed a furious McGuire gesturing angrily at the fan, who was out of camera shot.

    McGuire, a passionate Magpies fan, was almost crimson in the face as he stood and shouted at the Saints supporter.

    Speaking in the Collingwood rooms post-match, McGuire said the Saints fan had made two comments at Magpies player Andrew Krakouer that angered him.

    It is understood Melbourne Cricket Club officials spoke to the Saints fan, but the matter ended there without further incident.

    “I can’t even remember the first comment, other than it was one of these where my ears pricked up,” McGuire said.

    “Then the second one was very much ‘kick him while he’s down’ … it was directed at Andrew Krakouer, both of them.

    “The first one I let go, the second one I pulled up and there wasn’t going to be a third one.

    So this Fu**wit had a hissy attack… faced with anger. Shows what dunces these people really are. And to think the populism surrounding this lightweight once had him touted as a suitable candidate as President of an Australian republic.

  45. That McGuire had such a “panic attack” suggests he needs to alleviate his tension elsewhere. Does he have a sex life?…….it’s remarkably good for relaxation. He needs to get f**ked.

  46. I follow real football, that is association football/soccer. It is the most skilful and exciting of all football codes, and due to its being the most popular sport in the world it is an excellent vehicle for international diplomacy, even if this potential has been largely squandered. It has and is a great beacon for hope and artistry. It is a sport that oozes and epitomises culture – the very thing the so-called ‘indigenous game’ has and will always lack. I eagerly await the day, as a true Australian patriot who wants nothing but the very best for our beloved country, our people finally wake up to the sham that is this pathetic game ‘AFL’ that steals away our best potential athletes to make them play a sport not even popular in the nation’s cradle NSW, and eradicate it from our national character forever.

  47. Particularly insulting is how our young indigenous sportsmen have been systematically brainwashed over several generations to take up and make a living in this game…just imagine if Lionel Rose, Mark Ella or Tony Mundine had not taken up their respective international sports! Our indigenous sportsmen should aspire to more than some glorified suburban game born on a Richmond paddock 150 years ago, really…

  48. And to that ‘Truth’ fellow: that’s only because they’ve never known any different. Hardly proof of the bloody sport’s alleged awesomeness.

  49. I would like to see AFL relegated to the dustbin of history, just like its political equivalent communism was.

  50. The Truth re your 54: Why should Andrew B or anyone else make you look like a fool when you’re doing perfectly well on your own?

  51. “The AFL brings happiness to thousands of people all over the country.”

    Those thousands of people in this country are either products of the inadequate Australian state school system for whom this beastly game was forced upon them, or just neuronally-challenged folks who know little better.

    “It brings famalies and friends together and inspirtational role models to look up to such as Jim Stynes.”

    Yes, it does bring “famalies” and friends together, just add alcohol and you get domestic punch-ups, police raids, noise pollution, street violence, drunk driving and abuse of animals. What’s next? Are they about to give Jim Stynes a Nobel Prize for being “inspirtational”?

    “Besides for a few players who get in trouble and the media going on about it to much (Melbourne is the sporting capital) what hard does it bring?”

    It’s hard enough for those who are uninterested in dead-pig acrobatics to escape this relentless, bald-faced assault from all sides – television (satellite and free-to-air), newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio, pop culture, shopping malls, supermarkets, on once-trendy streets (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Steet and any place that has been gentrified), parks, public libraries, the state school system, bumper stickers on cars, private conversations – that is only intensifying every year and is seriously getting out of hand. Even a freeway interchange was named after the founder of Idiotball (Tom Wills Interchange which intersects the Monash Freeway and Eastlink).

    “if you want to be against something why don’t you make it something worth while eg street violence or drink driving. right?”

    You mean, street violence after two groups of low-class specimens argue in the pub over whose baboon troop is better, which spills over into the street? Some dejected Idiotball follower drowning their sorrows in beer and taking to the streets after their representative dead-pig patrol loses a game?

    If you want to get rid of all those ants marching around your fridge, don’t keep on spraying Pea-Beu around the front, but get rid of the spoiled food rotting away at the back which attracts the ants in the first place. Idiotball (along with its northern cousin Thugby) is the root cause of a significant percentage of street violence, drunk-driving, exploitation of women, hooning, abuse of animals and minors and all sorts of petty crimes in this country.

  52. In today’s news:

    “Mass brawl at Vic country footy game
    Posted 1 hour 6 minutes ago

    Map: Portland 3305 Sixty players and spectators have been involved in a series of brawls after a country Victorian football game at the weekend.

    Three brawls broke out after the Westerns-Dartmoor seniors Aussie rules game ended in a draw on Saturday afternoon, with one man knocked out as the fighting spread to the change rooms.

    The first brawl broke out on the footy field, at Alexandra Park in Portland in Victoria’s far south-west, apparently sparked by an umpire’s decision to award a free kick.

    Police said the initial brawl subsided and the players headed towards the change rooms where a second brawl broke out, involving up to 60 players and spectators.

    “Then a third brawl broke out in front of the change rooms involving spectators, and that’s when the man was injured,” a police spokeswoman said.

    The 36-year-old Portland man was punched in the face and knocked out.

    South West District Football Netball League vice-president Robert Chandler said the brawls were sparked by an incident right before the end of the game.

    Mr Chandler said a group of players and officials were standing at the boundary line near the coach’s box and were warned by the umpire to stand back.

    “They wouldn’t stand back after about three warnings, so there was a free kick awarded,” he told Fairfax radio.

    “There was a bit of abuse… and things just started from there.”

    Mr Chandler said the umpires had laid five charges over the brawls and both sides had also been reported for engaging in a melee.”

    The ugliness of this anger and aggression is revolting. Yet it’s part of the culture of the people who support the rubbish….and it’s encouraged behaviour in children who play the game with parents shouting at them from the sidelines to be more aggressive. Go figure!

  53. …………….and further to the above, the idiots involved describe the scene as a “melee”. You stupid f**kwits. This is very nasty stuff.

  54. A note for alexandra>>>well done a beautiful letter full of wisdom and charm <but above all intelligence. i agree with all your sentiments and applaud your conviction. Ifeel for you due to your prediciment and wish you and your girls a victory over the lower life forces.

  55. to “”the truth”” happy to offer a rebutal to your comments.. i mean no malice but i can see so much in your comments that should be addressed. however I shall not waste any time in this pursuit unless the gauntlet is dropped to the ground.Until later……..

  56. The immense popularity of this beastly sausage fest doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It’s plainly obvious that in this society, physical strength, competition, ugliness, destruction and red-faced aggression win out over nurturing, co-operation, beauty, creativity and elegance, all of which are seen by the mindless Australian masses (of both genders) as “pissweak” and “girly”.

    The very few folks in this country who indulge in the finer things in life are considered “girls’ blouses” and “wankers” by the dumbed-down, beer-swilling suburban legions. Brutal displays of unbridled masculinity are adored and worshipped by members of both genders, from chest-beating males to misogyny-internalizing females.

    There are hardly any shows on television dedicated to the arts, theatre, music, fashion, wildlife and literature as most screen time is dedicated to either “reality-based” horse crap or the vile sport of pig’s-bladder-chasing half-wits known as Australian Football.

  57. Please make no mistake – sensible and intelligent people do follow football.
    The question is why do both the intellectually disadvantaged, as well as sensible and intelligent people choose to actively support and follow this stupid game called football?
    My theory is that it is all connected to hypnosis. Has anyone else considered that a large portion of the population is undergoing long term hypnosis? The thing about hypnosis is that you do not know when you are being hypnotised, or when you have been hypnotised. This football hypnosis is promoted by the AFL and “topped up” each week, through the media. The fact that we are never free of the football prattle even during the summer adds weight to this theory. Many people break out of the trance during the summer period, and follow a normal existence, many others remain captured. I suggest that the best treatment for those afflicted is to remove the poor blighters from all forms of the game, and keep them away from the media in any form – alas that’s impossible.
    Take heart anti football fans, you are amongst the very few able to resist this hypnotism, you should be very proud.

  58. I hardly watch the outdated medium of television, but the Nine news was within earshot as I was preparing my evening meal.

    Once again, the top story on the news is another stupid pig kicker from the Western Bulldogs (who shall not be named) doing something stupid.

    Four AFL matches have been taken from him for racially abusing another pig kicker from the Gold Coast Suns.

    He has been ordered to publicly apologise for the incident, attend an education program and pay $5000 to a charity of the Suns’ choosing.

    He claims to be “devastated” about what he has done and has promised that “it will never happen again”. *muffled laughter*

    And so the circus of idiocy keeps on going.

  59. What a pompous comment from A.R. “Real” football in Australia is the one he is Anti. As for his soccer – incidentally a word invented by the soccer brigade in the 1880’s and the word by which that game is universally understood throughout the world despite the effort of the soccer lobby trying to hijack the word- is just boring. You can colour it with every flowery epithet you can think of but it still comes out smelling boring.

  60. Whilst I am certainly not a football fan, there are times when I think about what the dribbling hordes of fanatics would be doing if they didn’t have footy.

    Stay with me on this. I propose that we improve the tourism in towns like Shepparton, Euroa, Coober Pedy, Frankston, Glenelg etc (you get the drift) by giving them all future AFL games!

    My proposal is a selfish one, as I want to be able to drive down Punt Rd unimpeded and to trust that my bin won’t be kicked over after a poor performance by some drunk fool’s team.

  61. Well Well Truth claims boganball/football brings families together? How come someone was attacked with a hammer at a alleged football match and the offender only got one year inside, recently. Please correct me if i am wrong.

  62. If Mathew white from/and Seven TV continues to prostitute themselves advertising football whilst on other sport program/s ie V8 Supercars. I will no longer watch this type of motorsport., period.

  63. Australian football is the most boring, mundane and clunky sport in the world. It is flaccid, unexciting and moronic. Its followers are rabbid half wits, ferverant in their nature, but blissfully unaware that they are a minority group, led by a biased, self-interested media. Despite the AFLs, best attempts, the rest of the world is not interested in this docile sport. Indeed, nor are many other Australian states – let alone countries. AFL is staid, crass, shallow and dim.

  64. AFL is mindless drivel. A plee to all technology developers: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE develop a Facebook application that quarantines garbage “footy talk” from my wall!

  65. Australian football is the most boring, mundane and clunky sport in the world. It is flaccid, unexciting and moronic. Its followers are rabbid half wits, ferverant in their nature, but blissfully unaware that they are a minority group, led by a biased, self-interested media. Despite the AFLs, best attempts, the rest of the world is not interested in this docile sport. Indeed, nor are many other Australian states – let alone countries. AFL is staid, crass, shallow and dim.

  66. Alot of you people are really sick puppy dogs in Victoria , 7 news on Satday 16.7.2011 , opening story 2 mins of Afl carlton vs collingwood …4th story , 10 people taken to hopital in car accident , then 3 more minutes of the yips ( missing a kick at goal ) in AFL , closely followed by another 5 minutes in sport of Afl …DONT YOU PEOPLE HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO …30 minutes of Alledged news , Less adds 10 mins = Half the news is AFL …Are you kidding ? I realise that you people on here are different but seriously i would be very embarrassed about the state of my local society when people dying in car wrecks takes a back seat to a stupid Football game ….Even the Braindead women comentators seem to love it …Get help fast , this is sick !

  67. Sevens Herald Sun Glamour Survey? What a bloody insult. boganball peasants get to vote perving on boganballers partners like a meat market. Stupid hoes, if they fell for it advertising themselves.I believe this must be the Cheapest entertainment the boganball media could come up with. Seven and Herald Sun .What a pack of desperate dead-beats and the idiots/peasants bought it.

  68. In today’s news:

    Football father guilty of assault
    Updated August 03, 2011 15:39:36

    Photo: James Wilkes was found guilty of assault after headbutting another parent at a junior footy matchMap: Perth 6000
    A 40-year-old Perth man has been found guilty of assaulting a parent at a junior football match.

    James Wilkes headbutted Steven O’Halloran, 46, in the fourth quarter of an under-12 Bayswater-Morley game in May last year.

    The Perth Magistrates Court was told the assault happened after Mr O’Halloran confronted Wilkes and asked him to stop swearing at an opposition player.

    Wilkes claimed he acted in self defence and was provoked into headbutting Mr O’Halloran.

    But the magistrate found he had simply committed an act of aggression.

    Prosecutors say a substantial fine should be imposed, describing the assault as a vicious physical act in front of children.

    Wilkes has been released on bail until he is sentenced next month.

    Outside court, Wilkes accepted that his language during the game was inappropriate.

    “Obviously I’m regretful about what happened on the day. Obviously it’s not appropriate the language I used in front of the children, so I do regret that,” he said.

    “As for the assault, well that’s life isn’t it?”

    Wilkes said he wants to continue his involvement with junior football.

    “Basically, I’ve just gotten back into wanting to train the kids and do it for the children and stuff like that,” he said.

    “Will I ever act like that again? Well, obviously not.”

    WA Football Commission spokesman Warren Nel has told the ABC that unacceptable behaviour would not be tolerated at junior football games.

    “It’s very disappointing that we’ve had an issue whereby adult behaviour has drowned or masked out the wonderful things that occur in junior footy,” he said.

    Topics: courts-and-trials, perth-6000

    First posted August 03, 2011 13:12:08

    Yet another example of the revolting culture of these people. Quote: “As for the assault well that’s life isn’t it”

    Well no actually it’s not life for most sane people. You’re a disgrace and a cretin.

  69. Welcome back AFL. I thought you were extinct. We need you more than ever. It never ceases to amaze me that so many of my otherwise seemingly intelligent friends are obsessed with this so-called sport. In reality it is nothing more than a business dresed up as a sport. The players and coaches swap sides. The various “clubs” have CEOs, marketing managers and so on, there are salary caps “loosely described” to maximise contestability to bring in the punters [I use that term advisedly], constant expansion through through all sorts of channels, it is now in the media business to a tune of $1.2B and … I could go on. At the core, it is a nonsense to refer to the various entities that make up the Aust Football league as “clubs” or “teams”. The League has become a business conglomerate comprising 16 or more brand names – and that’s what we have – a contest of brand names structured to maximise revenue and somehow the punters fall for it. How anyone can get emotional about this drivel, or think it matters, amazes me.

  70. Such a lovely surprise to read your article in today’s Age. It’s been rather lonely fighting the madness of football by myself. Let’s blow up another footy!

  71. My only problem with the anti-football league is that you have to think about football to NOT think about football.
    (I do have some pride though that Keith Dunstan is a distant relative of mine. Nice piece in the AGE today!)

  72. I am so glad I found this site! I have heard about the Anti Football League and most of the time it was in a negative sense. I just had to join!

    Then i saw an article in today’s age and thank you.

    It’s ironic that football followers are agressive if you dare to say anything negative about the silly code OR if you have no interest in it at all.

    I was a birthday party last year and there was this meat head who would not stop talking about collingwood. A few times i gave him the hint that i did not care about his club nor the code by walking away or allowing that awkward silence. He bored the whole party with his constant collingwood talk. Then someone had enough, let him know for this git to then turn violent.

    Horrible and classless the lot of them.

  73. GREAT article in the Age today! I had lots of chuckles and nodding of the head! Melbourne is such a great city, but imagine how perfect it would be without footy! Keep up the good work AFL!!

  74. I joined the AFL in the 1960s when Barassi left Melbourne. Before that there was great Club loyalty. Now it is all about money, money. It is great to make contact with the AFL again.

  75. My family think Im odd – I had a dream – remove all AFL updates from radio and newspapres for one week and introduce a variety of Mens and YES – Womens sport – and enlighten us all on the wonderful variety of sports Australia can offer! but ALAS – DREAM ON!

  76. Here I was thinking that the real AFL had disappeared. I’m most encouraged to see that’s not so. Today’s article in The Age was a delight to read. It reminded me of the many by Keith Dunstan I read in The Sun as a kid which left an anti-football impression on me.

  77. Great site. Unfortunately the AFL have their news being plastered in Sydney and Brisbane now thanks to Victorians moving state.

  78. So glad you are still operative, I rejoice that there are some people who loathe the emphasis on the sport.
    I quail at its insidious incursion into viewing time on Television, reading time in the newspapers and listening time on radio. I abhor the obscene amount being spent on players and the sport itself. Where is our sense of proportion?

  79. It is interesting to note how footie seems to have a huge following amongst the lower socio-economic classes.

    Their origins all seem to share a common denominator in that they were all encubated and bred from the same petrie dish.

    It would be interesting to know what category Darwin would have classified this branch of the human family? If indeed it is possible to even classify them.

    Or would Darwin have felt that it was a complete waste of his time and intellect?

    A “footie player” is not an intellectual. Their behaviour and antics on and off the field indicate as well as demonstrate some kind of stunted emotional and maturity development in their thinking and how they respond to situations. (Think Year 12 but hey you left that 8 years ago son!! but you’re a footie star so you are allowed to)

    It does not help the cause when parents cooe over what excellent role models “footie” players are?

    The true role model in life should be the parent(s), guardian(s) or caregiver(s) not some overpaid athlete whose greatest ever achievement in life is kicking a ball around a paddock.

    In what way?

    Is it because they:

    A)Assault other players under the pretext that is all part of the game?

    B)Binge on drinks and drugs?

    C)Think themselves manly because they think every women wants it from them?

    D)Never take responsibility for their actions. Ever heard a “footie” player really apologise?

    E)Prima donnas who see themselves above the law and who forever in day will never be told that they are wrong?

    Brilliant framework to create a role model on.Absolutely.

    I loathe footie and for all it stands for.

    Mr Notta Leeming

  80. Credit: Moonee Valley News Leader article.

    Hmmm..what an excellent use of resources. Another example of over-indulgence and pampering of the highest order.

    No doubt the Bomber Bogan Fan base will go into debt for their beloved club.

    Anyone ask the question are the players contributing or taking a pay cut? Why is should government contribute which is coming from taxpayers?

    BTW Bombers here is a history lesson. The photo of your team standing in front of DC-3 was never a bomber (not shown in the article below), it is a cargo plane I know its hard for you lot to know the difference.

    Say, why don’t you all hop on and go somewhere the light don’t shine and you won’t be missed by the majority of rate and taxpayers you parasites.

    THE Essendon Football Club will turn to its members to help raise the $15 million it needs to move to Melbourne Airport.

    The club officially launched its “Flight Plan” last Wednesday with an appeal to members for $5 million towards the $30 million project.

    If members can raise the $5 million, the club will fund the rest of its commitment.

    Essendon chairman David Evans said fundraising efforts were coming to the “pointy end”.

    “We need to make sure we give our club every opportunity to succeed,” he said.

    The club also launched its new website, which will detail the club’s fundraising effort.

    The new sports centre, located off Melrose Drive, will include two AFL-sized ovals, indoor training spaces, a gymnasium and medical, recovery and sports-science areas.

    “In the conversations we’ve had so far we’ve been overwhelmed with generosity,” Mr Evans said.

    He said the move would allow the club to embrace more fans and target community programs.

    “This area is very commercial but that’s an opportunity to engage with people from all areas.”

    Retaining close links to Windy Hill was central to the plan, Mr Evans said.

    “We want it to be a vibrant community hub for that district with football obviously being a key part of that and Essendon being involved,” he said.

    Mr Evans said Flight Plan was a “two-venue strategy”.

    “Windy Hill will have a significant part to play in our club’s future,” he said.

    The remaining $15 million in funding will be sought from the Federal and State Governments and the AFL.

    Construction is expected to begin in November with the ground ready for the 2013 pre-season.

  81. Keith, read your piece in The Age today with great glee and agreement. I worked at GTV 9 News (with your daughter) as deputy to the legendary John Sorell and could never believe how he would lead the bulletins with a football story while seemingly WW 3 was breaking out elsewhere. He insisted on doing this and guess what – he always won the ratings which just proves that you can never underestimate the stupidity of television audiences!

  82. Please, please make them stop!
    And if they won’t why don’t we encourage the players to carry weapons during the game? That way it would all be over in a matter of minutes and the gene pool would be significantly improved.
    Seriously though this AFLiction has now highjacked our cultural identity. Its dominance of the media is a national dIsgrace. All power to the Anti-Football League- keep up the good work. If I can help, feel free to contact me.

  83. The less I hear about this drivel (Australian Rules Football) at work, the happier I am. It makes me “sick”. These “learned discussions” by people who should know better are the “best” timewasters ever. And they don’t care if people in the area are trying to do productive work in spite of the bullshit in the air.

  84. I hate its violence,the mindlessness of the followers, the football speak, its pervasiveness in the media. There’s nothing good about it.

  85. I joined the Anti Football League in 1967. Don’t know what happened to my badge. Great to know it is still going. Can we extend it to cover summer cricket as well. the insane amount of time given over to commentary on football even by semi-normal people like Jon Faine.

  86. It tickles me how when ever I state that I’m impartial to Australian Rules Football I always get one, or both of two responses 1.”Oh what mate I supose you like that stupid round-ball game” (Suggesting that “round” is an absurd shape for a ball)
    2.”Oh what are ya mate? a poof or something?” (Homosexuality is the opposite to Hetrosexuality, not Australian Rules Football)

    Thankyou Anti-Football League, you have given me a glimmer of hope that there are some normal people left in Australia….

  87. Our local speedway has been battling against protests about the proposed erection of lighting, in particular from one high profile and very loud local identity. The same person has now taken on the role of champion of the cause to erect similar lighting at the local football ground which is situated on the same reserve. Obviously the “big picture” for these people is limited to the regulation size of their football oval!

  88. I first joined the AFL over 20 years ago, at the time that 2 of my sons were students at Assumption College where football was almost a subject in the curriculum.
    I used your posters of square footballs when the boys were due home & especially if they were bringing friends for the weekend.
    What really makes me froth at the mouth is reading “footy news” outside the season – it is usually to do with some peurile behaviour by a player & is of no interest to anyone!
    Keep the faith.

  89. I had forgotten all about the
    AFL, the real AFL and Keith Dunstan (sorry Mr. Dunstan)until I heard Mr. Dunstan’s article read over the radio. Good news for my ears,I felt like rejoicing.

  90. After reading Keith Dunstan’s article (The Age 22/08) it was a revelation to me that a set of like minded individuals actually existed in Melbourne of all cities!

    Over the years I’ve had to be ridiculed by friends on reading The Age and not following the so called ‘Aussies Sport’ – it’s just that i’m not interested in a barbaric contest where you are taught from a young age to ‘go in hard’ irregarless of the personal damage inflicted on your opponent.

    In addition, I’m interested in my daily newspaper offering my an informative and detailed analysis of a variety of daily topics – not what a certain c–wood player threw over the Bolte Bridge when in the car of a bikie associate or authorising phone tapping!

    Who cares.

    I’m delighted to have found this site and joined up on the mailing list and let’s ensure the the real football (Go Socceroos) is what our kids grow up with.

    I know my two boys will!!

    Take care all.

  91. I think it’s Essendon but I’m not sure, the captain or coach or something is John or James Hird. I’ve never seen a more “girly” looking man. Does he put on the deep voice to try and compensate for his lack of masculine features?

  92. i have a question.
    if one dickhead footballer attacks someone in a bar then all footballers are scum. alright fair enough so does that mean if one footballer visits a sick kid in hospital and brightens up his day what does that make footballers?

  93. From the moment my work mates begin work to the time they finish it’s “Footy, Footy and more Footy.” They speak as if they know every player intimately and refer to them as heroes. Now, I’m not belittling these players sporting skills but when was the last time one of these “heroes” pulled a child out of a burning building or dodged bullets or bombs to save a wounded mate.The word hero has become such an overused cliche.
    I shall wear my AFL badge with pride when it arrives in the mail.

  94. Good news…

    It’s nearly over… No more aof ball . No more
    Under educated commentators dribbling on about
    How many tine some fool touched the ball thing,

    A few weeks to go .. Then peace and quiet.

  95. Aust Rules Football is too much like a pagan fertility ritual to be taken seriously…Whenever I point this out to a follower (usually after being subjected to a rave about a particular game/team/player), they seem annoyed and then embarrassed…and I know they will never be able to watch the game again without this realisation! He-he)

  96. Anti-footy colours?
    Having loathed football and disliking many other sports most of my life, I have been horrified to find my workplace is holding a “show your footy colours” day.

    Are there any official anti-footy colours? Or any colours not associated with any teams? I do not want to be mistaken for someone who cares about grown men kicking a defenceless ball around a paddock!

  97. In today’s news:

    “A junior footballer from northern Victoria has been suspended indefinitely after a fight that left an opponent unconscious.

    The Murray Football League says the brawl broke out during the final term of the under 17s grand final at Tocumwal on the weekend.

    The league says a Congupna player was knocked out during the fight.

    Three players from Echuca United were suspended, including a 16-year-old who was suspended for the maximum period of 200 weeks after failing to appear before the league’s tribunal last night.

    The president of the Echuca United Football Club Max Prendergast says the club is meeting with the league today and will appeal against the decision.

    The Congupna coach, Bruce Fuller says he was shocked by the incident.

    “Pretty shattered to be honest. It was a pretty sad thing to see happen on a football field,” he said.

    “Especially at under 17 level. It’s just out of control.”

    He says the injured teenager has a fractured bottom jaw and requires surgery.

    “He’s up and about and he goes to Melbourne tomorrow to have a plate put in his jaw.””

    Good to see such high standards of behaviour are being instilled in young people through this sort of activity.

  98. Truth re your 111:

    I have an answer: ‘media aware’.

    Footballers (of any code) would be far more convincing re giving a rat’s about sick kids in hospital if they did it without any associated media crap.

    All these visits do is perpetuate the ad nauseum media football beat ups that AFL members (by definition) have had a gutful of.

    You honestly believe each club doesn’t have a roster of players to do this stuff, irrespective of whether or not they actually care about these kids?

    Or that these touchy-feely media articles don’t coincide with other articles about these Neaderthals defecating in hotel corridors or whatever?

    Come on!

  99. In the local newspaper:

    “A drunken brawl soured grand final football at Gembrook on Saturday and raised calls for a booze ban at future matches.
    Mail photographer Nigel Clements was there as a fight broke out between Emerald and Seville supporters during the last quarter of their division two seniors clash.Yarra Valley Mountain District Football and Netball League CEO said a broken car window sparked the violent confrontation…..About ten police were on the scene. No arrests were made. Senior Const Macreadie said several people were injured in the fight but no ambulance was called. “It was all alcohol” he said…..But Seville Football Club president Sole Cecere was not in favour of a booze ban. “If you do that I think you’ll take away the atmosphere in a way” he said….”We need a lot more police patrolling the area” he said”

    So these neanderthals require booze to create an “atmosphere” do they. An “atmosphere” presumably of drunken anger and aggression. Personally I don’t want my hard earned money going to pay taxes to pay for any sort of police presence at these revolting events. Let them punch it out between themselves. It’s just a pity that children witness this sort of vile behaviour and grow up thinking it’s part of life. Really sad stuff.

  100. In today’s news:

    “Football codes join fight against pokies reforms…..Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin has defended the reforms, saying problem gamblers spend an average $20,000 a year and clubs have a duty of care to those families whose lives are ruined as a result……”By backing Andrew Wilkie’s demand for mandatory pre-commitment, the Federal Government is directly attacking the ability of clubs across the country to support AFL and rugby league teams.”

    “The executive director of Clubs Australia, Anthony Ball, says the new technology will cripple football clubs financially.”

    “He says no sporting club would escape the “massive financial hit” of the mandatory pre-commitment changes, which Mr Wilkie wants implemented by 2014.”

    So profits to maintain bogan ball teams are more important than financial responsibility and protecting people from possibly financial ruin. Well it’s a good indication of the values of these people who so frequently espouse “family values”

    There’s a lot more to be said on this.

  101. How can the AFL kick up such a fuss about the federal governments changes to gambling laws. Do the changes mean that they will need to reduce what they pay these clowns to chase a ball around? Perhaps the Federal and State governments need to review the many millions of dollars of our taxes that they pass to these clubs? The MCG has been subsidised time and time again with OUR money to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. It wasn’t so long ago that Geelong received millions for the upgrading of their ground. I wouldn’t give any of them a penny if I had my way.

  102. …and further to the above:

    “Collingwood president Eddie McGuire yesterday called the move a “footy tax” which would “hit football clubs right between the eyes”.

    Other high-profile club bosses including Jeff Kennett (Hawthorn) and David Smorgon (Bulldogs) also raised concerns about the effect pre-commitment would have on their club’s finances.”

    Mr Demitriou says the AFL “abhors” problem gambling and would support measures that effectively address the issue.

    “We thinking we’ve got a very good track record of shifting attitudes and addressing some of these very serious issues,” he said, citing racial vilification, the responsible use of alcohol and respect for women.”

    Jeff Kennett, Demetriou, McGuire….some of the most odious people of our time… it’ll be John Elliott making a comment.

  103. ok what you people are referring to are Bogans. i too hate seeing people get hurt or reading about an idiot kill someone but what you people fail to realise is that at the end of the day it’s the person.

  104. Unfortunately I caught a glimpse on TV of the medal/award night thing last night. What a bogan looking lot of men and what a pitiful exhibition of a “meat market” of young women posing for camera shots with a look of “Aren’t my breasts beautiful and how revealing is this gorgeous expensive frock, and this is my boyfriend (or at least partner for the night more likely)” How is this relevant to apparently celebrating so-called athletic achievement in a sport, if that’s in fact what it’s supposed to be about. The young men who play the stupid game shouldn’t be subjected to this sort of stuff. How does dressing up in a black tie suit fit with most of them.

  105. As our darkest hour approaches, in the form of the Australian Footbrawl League Grand Final, let us not forget that the axe originally ground by the good Dunstan and Wilkie was about the brouhaha surrounding the game, rather than the game itself. Indeed, Mr Dunstan mentioned this in the article he wrote for the Age back in August.

    The basic principle of, “If you don’t like the game, you simply don’t attend or engage with it in any fashion – just ignore it and let that be an end to it,” should be achievable, but sadly it isn’t because of the immense media attention it attracts. Attention that, these days, borders on the insane, with reportage and commentary of and about footbrawl given a vastly indecent share of print and broadcast coverage.

    One can barely escape the torrent of unasked-for information and opinion that is thrust upon one by the relentless barrage put out by the media.

    Look at how many newspaper pages and hours of TV and radio coverage there are these days, much of which is less about the game than about sucking in readers and/or viewers to help enhance the bottom line of the media companies concerned.

    The game itself is expanding to fill a commercially opportunistic vacuum created by the media, rather than to satisfy any great or noble sporting cause; the beast needs feeding, so it helps enlarge its own pantry.

    If you think it’s bad enough now, it’s only going to get worse, folks.

    So let’s drag Keith and Doug’s original old axes out of the woodshed, hone them up again and grind them on those who smother us in unwanted and mostly irrelevant information about a mediocre “game” that we can simply choose to ignore.

    And ignore it I will… if allowed to.

  106. Pleased and proud to claim an early membership of the AFL when Keith Dunstan started it over 30 years ago. I have weathered many seasons since then with lots of football being played by two sons and listening to my husband’s comments. He is a Collingwood supporter which makes matters even worse!! I have my original membership badge pinned to my shirt as I write. Long live the AFL, Keith Dunstan is a hero and thank you to his grandson who is following in his footsteps.

  107. I wouldn’t be paying attention to any “football” game this weekend in Melbourne, even if the Rugby World Cup wasn’t on.

  108. I get annoyed that all of the media beleive that everyone is intrested to know about any sport I hate sport of any description except I like to watch surfing I hate sport I have a twin sister who watches lots of sport Not me I hate it I did classical ballet for 10 years so I’m not apposed to exersice as such I hate sport I dont watch it read it listen to it care about it Never watched the olympics tennis cricket nothing so I will not be watching any T.V I changed radio stations and now they play crap about sport we are not all tarred with the same brush

  109. Pleased to hear that the true AFL is still in existence (ABC radio yesterday). I was first a member when funds were raised for Berry Street Babies Home and then for may years after that. Lost track of you lately but happy to get back on board. Will wear the badge with pride. Grand final day is a very peaceful and leisurely shopping day for me.

  110. [Lisa is concerned about her failing grade in gym class]
    Marge: Cheer up! So you’re not good at sports. It’s a very small part of life.
    Homer: Sports-sports-sports-sports-sports-sports-sports-sports. Marge, Bart gets to ride in the front seat because he’s good at sports.
    Marge: Homer, I think Lisa could use a little cheering up. How about let her in front too?
    [Homer glances at Bart, who coolly shakes his head.]
    Homer: [shrugs, to Marge] I tried.

  111. I am greatly concerned by the lack of media representation surrounding the successes of women’s sport in this country, especially in the state of Victoria.
    It appears to me that unless the women are dressed in next to nothing and playing beach volleyball, the major media networks (and by extension possible sponsors to support women’s sporting codes) take no notice.
    I am also extremely angry at the State Government for diverting millions of taxpayer $ away from Victoria’s struggling hospitals, schools and the like and instead choosing to spend it on yet another extension/remodelling of the southern stand at the MCG.

  112. While i dont hate Afl,I just find the obsession with it in this state frustrating. It is a good game, it’s just that this state evolves around the game, just F$%^ing get over the sport! It’s not all there is in life!

  113. It is grand final day 2011 and I am purposely not watching the match between Geelong and Collingwood. I just cannot take it anymore. The whole culture surrounding the Australian Football League is so off-putting to me. This obsession where people put unintelligent juveniles in man bodies up on pedestals is ridiculous. I find it to be such an unprofessional professional sport where these elite athletes are unable to conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off the field. Luckily for me, the Italian Film Festival is on at the moment so I won’t even have to catch a glimpse of the match.

  114. The Grand Final has just ended. Idiot Season is OVER once more. Thank goodness.

    Now the jumping apes and their simian fans can hopefully go and make themselves scarce for a few months, leaving our streets to more evolved beings*.

    *not that there are many evolved beings within Melbourne’s boundaries in the first place.

  115. After moving to Victoria 12 months ago i am relieved that there are actually people here that acknowledge that the media attention that this pig skin game gets is sick …I kind of thought like , is this just me or what ….its everywhere you go …a new coach at a club in the off season is the top News story on Channel 7 …12 people hurt in a bus crash ranks 5th story …just speachless …and no wonder our society is being flushed down the toilet , shocking !

  116. Whilst I understand and respect your rights to an opinion, I think some of you are a bit over the top. Football brings people together, all over the world – it’s even brought this forum together. Some people abuse the game, and that is wrong, but the vast majority just love the game, and are not violent or drunk. The media do overplay it a bit, but the media give the majority of people what they want, classic utilitarianism. To classify all us football supporters as ‘mindless bogans’ is wrong, when that is only a minority. The players are at the elite level and entertain millions of people every week, why shouldn’t they be well re-numerated?

  117. In today’s news:

    US rocker Meat Loaf says the AFL are jerks, and he has vowed to convince other artists not to perform at the grand final.

    The 64-year-old’s grand final pre-match performance, as well as his high price tag, were widely criticised in the media.

    He was reportedly paid in excess of $500,000, a figure he disputes.

    After the performance AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou said the singer “gave his best” but was disappointing.

    But Meat Loaf has blamed the AFL, saying they did not provide a live piano or enough time for a sound check and he could not hear the music in his earpiece.

    “I’m sorry, they’re jerks. I do not like them,” he said of the AFL, according to News Ltd reports.

    “And I’ll tell you what, anybody that I hear announces that they’re going to play for them I’m going to write to that particular artist a letter and tell them not to.

    “And I hope the AFL hears this and I want this everywhere. Because I will go out of my way to tell any artist do not play for them.”

    The rocker said it was impossible to put on a good show in the allocated area.

    The AFL declined to comment on Meat Loaf’s comments.

  118. Well after 4 weeks of relative peace , its now started back in the media , 6 weeks before xmas ..Common everyone preseason training is started and we all have to watch channel 7 now because Mick Malthouse is now a commentator and that other commentator on 7 is referred to as a media celebrity ….just an ex AFL player ….PLEASE ….

  119. Jail term urged for former AFL player
    By Candice Marcus
    Updated December 19, 2011 12:58:57

    Map: SA
    Prosecutors have urged a jail term for former AFL player Fabian Francis.

    The former Port Adelaide and Melbourne footballer has been found guilty of eight domestic violence offences, including aggravated assault and aggravated threatening harm.

    The Adelaide District Court heard Francis subjected former partner Debra Buckskin to a decade of physical and emotional abuse, sometimes beating and kicking her in front of her children.

    In her victim impact statement, Ms Buckskin said the abuse crushed her spirit.

    “The strong woman I was raised to be was broken, the independence I had was stolen and my community spirit was crushed,” her statement, read to the court, said.

    “Living in fear, being scared, being injured and the feeling of having to protect my life and my property was something I had to live with but clearly by society’s standards I should not have.

    “Having black eyes and bruises were constant [and] threatening to injure me with weapons in front my children was horrific. The physical abuse was painful, and the emotional abuse destroyed a part of me.”

    Her teenage son Lincoln told the court no child should have to listen to his mother scream for help and be too frightened to leave his room.

    “As I got older I remember hiding in my bedroom and listening to my mum scream for help. I wanted to help her but I couldn’t,” he said.

    “I saw Fabian kick my mum in the head, I saw Fabian punch mum over and over again, I heard Fabian call mum fat and a pig, Fabian called me fat too.

    “I heard Fabian threaten to kill mum, bash mum, Fabian threatened me.”

    He urged the court to impose an appropriate sentence.

    “Fabian played football – that shouldn’t mean he’s any more special, but it does mean he should know better,” he said.

    “There has to be consequences for your actions. I just hope there are serious consequences for your actions.”

    Prosecutor Mark Norman said Francis should get an immediate jail term because of the grotesque nature of the offences and his complete lack of remorse.

    Francis will be sentenced next month.

    First posted December 19, 2011 11:28:49

    Some role model

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