The Anti-Football League (AFL) is an Australian organisation of individuals who are indifferent to the excessive fervour that afflicts supporters of the Australian code of football known as Australian Rules Football (”Aussie Rules”).
The AFL stands apart from the Football mania that is ever increasingly saturating our workplaces, media outlets and public spaces, and which at certain times of the year reaches excessive and epidemic proportions.

AFL members have fought hard to maintain an immunity to this unfortunate affliction which affects many tens of thousands of Australians. League members are united by the common understanding that there is more to life than the ability to kick a pigskin between two white posts.

This website is a resource for those actively uninterested in Australian Rules Football. It supports all non-footballing activities and is a forum for those who wish to express their views on a game that is most probably the cause of the Federal Labor Party’s unpopularity.

Keith Dunstan ignites a burning passion.
Founding secretary Keith Dunstan burns a football at the MCG in 1972.

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